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Hello All,


Monday is here and once again it’s a cold rainy Monday but hey, were closer to XMAS day and time off from work! As we know we need Monday to get back to Friday!


Let me ask you, how did you like the cold weather Friday , Saturday and Sunday? More to come later in the week, did I see highs in the 20’s!


News flash, there was NO MEETING MONDAY, yes for the first Monday in a few weeks there was no Monday team gathering, at least I am aware of? There was a meeting with me and Eric on Wednesday, not long but I did break my promise of holding out till Friday .


Friday most of the team did come to the Clubhouse at different times . It was a very crowded Friday night a bunch of teachers had the Judy Box going and may I say it was well done. I HAD TO LEAVE AT 6:30 TO GO TO MY WIFE’S WORK DINNER, IT WAS NOT GOOD, FOOD AT THE RESTAURANT WAS NOT GOOD.


We almost had full attendance Saturday afternoon for the Flyers game. It was a good day and the Flyers won their 8th in a row. The bar maid was also able to make a scarf out of her long hair, a feat I had not seen prior. See photo of that on site!


Sunday Funday we did not have full attendance, Eric was doing his part helping practice with the Mummers for their walk down Broad Street on Jan 1!. Another team member was sunning himself on the sunny and warm shores of Florida. We did have myself, Dutch, and HE WHO GIVETH FREE BEER, ROLLING ROCK, KOBIASHI as well. Well I was short time this Sunday because the EAGLES were on at 1 so I didn’t see too much of the happenings. We had a surprise bar maid on Sunday, BECK-BECK (CALL ME) , yes Cassie was on her way to the Eagles game so BECK-BECK was in for her Sunday. Always good to see BECK-BECK and of course she did a Stellar job.


Now interesting story, Dutch had this weird belief that BECK-BECK talks to him weekly, he tried to pan that notion off on me, I wasn’t buying it. Thinking BECK-BECK would go along with him he asked BECK-BECK “DO WE TALK WEEKLY”? Much to my delight BECK-BECK did not play along and Dutch’s little scam went awry! HA, HA you lose El Dutche!


Another Dutch story, apparently and I think it was Friday night Dutch once again had a creeper or creepers hanging close to him at the Clubhouse. Yes, while our boy El Dutche was trying to down a pizza this younger gent used Dutch’s chair as a crutch. As Dutch described the guy basically was leaning on Dutch. Now Dutch is a very friendly guy but in this case he had enough, and this was guy messing up his dining experience. So Dutch said he turned around and told the guy to MOVE OFF! According to Dutch the guy was surprised but did MOVE OFF. As you can see Dutch has this happen a lot to him with these creepers, is it Dutch? Is it the Chair? I could make a weekly column on this.


I guess the funny of the day comes from HE WHO GIVETH FREE BEER, ROLLING ROCK, KOBIASHI, while he was munching down his large Pasta plate he dropped his cell phone in his meal. Yes the cell was plucked from his plate covered in Pasta Sauce. Lucky for HE WHO GIVETH FREE BEER, ROLLING ROCK, KOBIASHI his phone is waterproof so BECK-BECK simply ran the phone under the faucet and it was back to good as new. Its not often you get to see a phone splash down into a plate full of Pasta, only the at the Clubhouse I guess.


Well as noted the EAGLES were on at 1 so off I went about 12:30. Now little did I know but there was another surprise in store for me Sunday, El Dutche made his way over to my Brother-In-Laws to take in some of the game. Yes, Dutch arrived very large Stromboli in hand and grabbed a seat at the BIG BAR! Dutch’s partner was to come too but I think he found some gals and decided it better to hang with them, can’t really blame him eh? Anyway thanks for stopping in Dutch and for the Stromboli, it was good! By the way the Eagles LOST!!! Check out me and Dutch’s disappointed look photo on the site


Eagles are on at 1 this Sunday but don’t matter, we will be at the Furious Pub for the XMAS party, no short time for me this week!


Well all not too much more to report from this week. There is excitement in the air as the XMAS party at the Furious Pub is this Sunday. The team appears to be all set with gifts and the food to bring. We should broadcast that baby eh?


ATTA BOY– This week’s Atta Boy is a no brainer, it goes to Eric. On Friday 3 military men came in to the Clubhouse and Eric bought them a round. So for Eric’s salute to our armed forces ATTA BOY ERIC . I’m also giving an ATTA BOY to Dutch for bringing in pretzel wrapped hot dogs and for getting Gina to check out the MEGATOUCH for us, nice! So ATTA BOY Dutch.


COME ON MAN– Well not easy this week, but I’m going to give to the guy who was basically leaning on Dutch while Dutch was trying to eat. Who does that, why do you feel the need to lean on a guy who you don’t know? So to the latest CREEPER Dutch has encountered I say COME ON MAN!


MUSIC NEWS– Dutch has completed his Judybox for his house, that’s right, Dutch has built his very own Judybox, and we thought he was just a computer guy. XMAS party will be rocking the XMAS tunes. Saturday we did get our 10 bucks to pop in the Judybox and our team member had his magic touch going.


FOODY NEWS– Saturday we had something special, Dutch made Hot Dogs wrapped in a Pretzel roll! Man was it good, you could easily eat 10 of those babies! Dutch did take home 3 different pizza’s yesterday for his party he did not attend. . Sunday HE WHO GIVETH FREE BEER, ROLLING ROCK, KOBIASHI did have some Beef stew, then went with a nice Pasta dish, he gave both thumbs up. Dutch brought more pretzel dogs and brought over a sweet Stromboli to my brother-In-Laws for the game.


PARTY NEWS– Team XMAS party this coming Sunday 12/18 at Furious Pub! Food is all lined up, seems Dutch and Eric are cooking up some surprise, hmmmmmm This should be fun team! Wonder if Cassie will show up?


DYK (Did You Know)–They can now make Diamonds in a lab that are identical in all ways to a mined diamond, and they are cheaper than real diamonds, good news eh ladies?


Ok, back to NO texts from anyone last night so did anyone Double Dip? E’s Dutch?


Ok all, be sure to have yourself a really good week



All good again this week, although Dutch did correct me last week



  • PITCHER DAY Monday!!!
  • Our Mall is allowing you to get a picture with your pet and  Santa on Mondays. Sure hope they have a mop handy eh?
  • Hey Loppy
  • Star Trek or Star Wars?
  • My Bride made XMAS cookies, I ate them already!
  • ARMY beat Navy, first time in 15 years, GO ARMY!
  • What is on the Interweb is always true
  • Had my face time with X Saturday and Sunday, nice
  • “I want to be a Dentist”,  You recall Holiday movie that is from
  • What Up Ray?
  • Have you ever seen the food show “THE CHEW”?
  • I think the  best part of Monday is going to bed Monday night
  • What in the world is this toy called a Hatchimal?
  • Time won’t give me time
  • X and Dutch high fived me again only this time via FACETIME.
  • Eric, don’t forget to comment on the site, SIN IS WAITING!
  • 13 shopping days till XMAS, does that make you nervous?
  • No SUPER GUPPY this week, must have gone back to the Upper Class Pub
  • I find drinking and thinking tough
  • The Easy Bake Oven
  • Blue Camel
  • Is it time to go home yet?
  • How does Dutch have his family over to his house but yet spend the day at the Clubhouse?
  • Who wishes they could get tickets to the Ellen show for the 12 days of giveaways?
  • Miss you Liza! Can’t believe I missed you Thursday Night
  • The White T is ready for another delivery
  • I saw a commercial for the  BACON BOSS, you microwave your bacon in it,  Yea or nay?
  • Heeeeeeeeey BOSTON
  • Dutch’s Car is still not fixed, a Lemon?
  • No Clubhouse for me till maybe Friday, my kidney’s will love me, wonder if this will hold true?
  • Eagles- R.I.P.
  • I am horrible at package wrapping, looks like a little kid did it.
  • Billy Idol, “DANCING WITH MYSELF” AT 5AM, I have no opinion one way or the other on this one.
  • Hit the DONATE BUTTON on Furious Radio site all to keep Furious Radio playing your tunes.  I will do it first of the year


As good friend says- JIMMY!


So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!

AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

  • Icey | Dec 12, 2016 at 9:01 PM

    You want to see cold? Move to Canada.. Instant face freeze when you walk out the door.
    “The air hurts my face…Why am I living where the air hurts my face?”

    Happy Monday! Stay warm!

  • Loppy | Dec 13, 2016 at 12:28 AM

    Hey Frank
    God what would I do for high 20’s, its been -4 F for 5 days now.
    I still need to start my x-mas shopping maybe tomorrow. 12 days before christmas and I think could get into the holiday sprite.
    Nay on the microwave bacon.

  • Frank | Dec 13, 2016 at 6:11 AM

    Now I know why you have the handle ICEY!!

    Hey, you can always get warm, real tough to get cold!

    You stay warm !

  • Frank | Dec 13, 2016 at 9:02 AM

    wow, that is cold, 20’s are like summer for you

    Get the shopping done, it gets worse longer you wait, look at Dutch!

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