Cerebral Chaos

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“I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain. I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end.” -James Taylor


My weekly WTF should be why do things never work out how I plan them. I actually made some positive steps this week into becoming healthier and yet Wednesday knocked me down and out. My aunt passed away early Weds. Morning..her brother, my uncle, was diagnosed with cancer…and my beloved aunt who I am extremely close to may have cancer again. Seriously, life. Please stop shitting on me for five fucking minutes before I lose my mind.


But it is not getting me down. Therapy is working I ‘spose. But I have work to get done seeing the planned work did not get sorted out. I will catch up over the next few days.


Lately I am being reminded to let go and worry less. While this is a good plan, it is hard to do. But I have to say, I am really excited about changes I am making and how it will affect who I am. Becoming more awesome is an incredible fete. Life will always be the way it is and throw curve balls. I just need to carry lube with me and move on before I let it get me down again. Picking yourself up is not always easy, but if you are having some tough times like I am, I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


Enough with the motivational speaking! It looks like spring is arriving early and the weather has been awesome. I try and stand outside for a bit and let the Vitamin D infuse into me. Now watch, next week it will snow again. But I like snow so it won’t be a major deal.


My mind is all over the place lately and I feel like a hamster on a wheel. It runs and runs with thoughts but I feel like I never catch up. The image amuses me to no end, to be honest with you. I cannot see me running for anything. I would be the easiest feast for the zombie apocalypse! 😉


Short and sweet…like me


Weekly WTF: As a doctor, you have an obligation to your patients. Don’t fucking talk down to me or treat me poorly. I am already having issues that suck, your attitude is not needed. Get the stick out of your ass!


Press Play: For some reason James Taylor popped into my head today. But I have been listening to Emarosa, Starset, and The Doors.


Popcorn Worthy: BAD MOMS!! See it. I cannot confirm or deny that one of the characters is a lot like me.


DIY: I will post a picture when it is completed but I took a glass candle holder and colored an image, using modge podge to create a decorative candle for my gram, mom, and close family friend. They are coming out awesome!!!


Strange Sightings: I saw a Boston Blonde today! She does exist…I swear!


Kitchen Kauldron: I made homemade lemon pepper seasoning. So easy and so much better than store bought! Mmm lemons!


Furioustival 9 Countdown: 3 Months and 7 Days



Be good or be good at it!


S1N, AKA "Boston", leads the Boston Chapter and DJs on Furious Radio. You can find her sitting under the bar, making iced coffees, or writing while wearing her dragon slippers. She’s a Red Sox fan, musically minded, and tries her best to be good… or be good at it.

  • Frank | Mar 6, 2017 at 4:20 AM

    Hey Sin

    Sounds like a real tough go lately, our condolences on your loss. I know how you feel, my sister beat Cancer once and is now back doing it again. I see how strong she is and it gets me through. Hang in there sounds like a lot of good going on as well, positive thoughts!

    I love James Taylor, good call on that one!

    • S1N | Mar 13, 2017 at 1:41 PM

      The hits just keep on coming but we are keeping our heads up. Horrid news yesterday. I think the past 2 months my life is just fighting thru shit! Is it June yet?!

      I need a drink and day with you guys to bring back the good mojo!

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