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Hello All,


Well it would appear Monday has made its way back around and coming off Turkey day it’s a tough Monday, but we need Monday to get back to Friday!


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, its onto left overs now which are always good and looking ahead to Santa.


I know this is getting to be a regular item but again this week I had the privilege to see many team members throughout the week.   On Wed I saw a few team members at the Clubhouse preparing for the big Turkey day, a good kick off to the Holiday. Then again on Friday and Saturday some team members gathered. I believe on Saturday we had full attendance at one time or another during the day. I get the feeling the weekly meet ups will begin to slow down now that it’s back to normal work weeks till at least XMAS week.


So quick Friday note, On Friday one of the very nice young ladies who works at the Clubhouse had gotten a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer doll form the Crane game but she desperately wanted Rudolph’s Girlfriend Clarice from the Crane machine to make a set but simply could not get it. In steps El Dutche to the rescue, yes Dutch sprung into his CRANE MAN suit and ran to the machine with fierce determination to make a wish come true. We all chipped in a few bucks and to work Dutch CRANE MAN went on getting Clarice. Well it took a try or two but Crane Man came through, yes Dutch got the wanted doll! XMAS joy spread throughout the Clubhouse Friday and one nice gal got her wish. She now has the set, Rudolph and Clarice sitting a place of honor.



So I guess that leaves Sunday and a bit of a shocker here. Eric did not come into the Clubhouse Sunday, I REPEAT, ERIC DID NOT GET TO THE CLUBHOUSE SUNDAY! Now he may have come in after I left but I did not see him. As noted in prior blogs it happened few weeks ago, this is now twice in a short span of time. Not bragging here, (Oh hell, YES I AM) but Eric and I started the Sunday Funday long ago when it was just he and I on Sunday’s so when Eric isn’t in it’s a very odd day. Well that brings us to the main story of the day which involves Dutch and a guy who wanted to snuggle with Dutch, we will simply call him Jordache. So the poor guy Dutch is sitting in his usual Sunday seat. (You see we all have our own seat on Sundays and any other days were in the Clubhouse). Anyway Dutch was enjoying the day and his beverage when out of nowhere comes a dude in a gray sweatshirt, or was it a Jordache sweatshirt Dutch?  Either way this guy literally wedges himself right next to Dutch to the point where he was almost touching Dutch’s beer. This guys back was turned toward Dutch so all you could see was a like a gray wall.  This Jordache wearing dude didn’t ask if he could slide in, he just pushed in. Now this is nothing new for this seat Dutch has, 90% of the time a creepy dude will sit next to Dutch and usually take over a large area of space thus annoying poor Dutch. Now to his Credit Dutch toughed it out or FOUGHT THRU IT and didn’t say a word. Eventually our Jordache boy moved to the other end of the bar but for a while Dutch was seeing Gray and smelling dude cologne close up. Creepy eh?  IT’S THE SEAT DUTCH


Wait, there is another a story from Sunday, should I share it? I don’t know, hmmm, should I let it go?? Decisions, Decisions, Ok, I’ll tell.  Well as Sunday Funday would down we were sitting there and Dutch says, “HEY, YOU GUYS EVER SEE JEANS LIKE THESE, THEY STRETCH”. Well we all looked like what? What you talking about Dutch? Well there they were Dutch had on either Spandex, Spanks or Stretchy Jeans. These jeans literally stretched to fit I guess. Not being fashion people we are still not sure what they are. We all wondered if they had an elastic waist band as well so no belt needed but we didn’t dare ask Dutch that question. So Dutch took a fine ribbing on his Spanks or Spandex or Stretchy pants (mainly form me, sorry Dutch). So I have a question for the lady readers, is this a fashion Faux Pa or Fashion Statement Dutch’s Spanks or Spandex or Stretchy pants?? Interested in your thoughts on this ladies.



ATTA BOY- Well once again this week The ATTA BOY this week goes to Dutch, yes believe it or not. As noted above CRANE MAN Dutch got a very nice gal the Clarisse doll she so wanted. So for making a Christmas wish come true, ATTA BOY DUTCH!


COME ON MAN-   This is an easy one this week, the cooking staff at the Clubhouse gets the COME ON MAN! Not once this weekend but twice some team member’s food had to go back to the Kitchen for not being cooked properly. This is not the first time this has occurred, so to the cook staff, COME ON MAN!


MUSIC NEWS- Oh yes, we had Judybox cash and made that Judybox hum this weekend. XMAS tunes were a blazing much to the delight of the crowd I may add.


FOODY NEWS- Well Sunday was a Hot Dog with Cheesy Goo for me, YUM! Our boy HE WHO GIVETH FREE BEER, Rolling Rock, Kobiashi went with a Calzone that unfortunately was not cooked enough to melt the cheeses in it.  So back to the kitchen it went then when it reappeared it got a thumbs up. Coming off a non-cooked Hamburger Friday Dutch dove back into the menu and went with the Stromboli. Dutch was not overly enthused over his Stromboli and give it a so-so rating. The other team member went with Cheese Grill, with a little tomato on it, that got an A rating. So as you can see a mixed bag on the Foody news this week.


PARTY NEWS- Its official!!!   Team XMAS party will be 12/18 at Furious Pub! Now that should be fun! Look for cool photos on the site after this baby


DYK (Did You Know) –Its CYBER MONDAY, yes apparently a lot people shop on line on this day, are they at work while doing this?


Well no late night texts again today, so I will ask, anyone Double Dip, or hang in there to see BECK-BECK (CALL ME)?


Birds are on at 1 PM Sunday so short time for me this coming Sunday


Ok all, be sure to have yourself a really good week




All good again this week, I think its 2 weeks in a row now



anyone going to PITCHER DAY?

2 Turkeys were pardoned by the President; would they be lucky dogs?

What do you think about skipping Monday?

Check out Dutch’s google eye tree in the photo section, it’s cool

HE WHO GIVETH FREE BEER, Rolling Rock, Kobiashi may have a new lady friend, stay tuned

Hey Loppy, I see you’re on board for XMAS tunes now

Cassie wants a Hippo, not sure why?

What is on the Interweb is always true

Is anyone still full from Turkey day

Had my face time with X Sunday, nice

Who is shopping on this CYBER MONDAY?

I think Dutch is off today

X and Dutch High Fived over my head, AGAIN!

Bikers in Clubhouse Wednesday 11 AM till????

I have an APB out on Eric

Dutch, get the car fixed dude

What Up Ray?

I find drinking and thinking tough

Crappy car and Stretchy pants, YIKES!

Cassie politely said, so who wears underwear?

No Super Guppy sighting this weekend, maybe he is the Santa at the Mall?

Blue Camel,

Miss you Liza!

The White T is ready for another delivery


Hey BOSTON… hope you’re all well up there


It’s never easy

Eric, where were you Sunday?


I played Football Thanksgiving Morning, still can’t reach down to tie my shoes?

No Clubhouse for me till maybe Friday, my kidney’s will love me

Dutch found a Crock pot that stirs its contents, wow!

Medium Rare or Medium Well?

Have you ever played MEGA TOUCH while at a Pub?

Eagles VS Packers tonight, on too late for me, GO BIRDS!

Def Leopard at 5 AM, a little too much this early

Hit the DONATE BUTTON on Furious Radio site all to keep Furious Radio playing your tunes.


So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!

AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

  • S1N | Nov 28, 2016 at 9:38 AM

    From a lady’s perspective: I would have to see the pants but the visual you give with your words cracks me up and I need to see Dutch in these spanx! Some guys can pull skinny jeans off, or the stretch to fit jeans. Some guys cannot!

    If you see the abominable snowman in the crane, the one from Rudolph, can someone get him for me? My car is Yeti and I want him for my dashboard!

    Medium well for me!

    I so wish the xmas party could be live…you all should Facetime me and say hi! I rarely get Facetimes :/


    Bikers…..oooh my weakness!


    • Dutch | Nov 29, 2016 at 11:27 PM

      There is definitely a “Bumble” (yes that is his name) in the crane machine, but he is stuck to the glass like some rapper groupie so it’s going to be tough.

      We can work on the facetime! I still wish I could dj live from it!

      • Icey | Nov 30, 2016 at 5:31 PM

        Live Dj face time would be awesome!!!

  • Icey | Nov 28, 2016 at 2:48 PM

    Hmmmm – Male stretchy jeans.. I can’t lie my dad wears them but they don’t look bad.. Then again they are more of a loose fit and you would never know unless he told you.

    I feel like if the guy has a nice tushy I’m all for it! Who doesn’t like a nice bum in well fitted jeans even if they are of spanx quality. It also really depends on the quality and material (some look HORRIBLE! While others look amazing!) and as Sin said some men can really pull it off while others not so much. I will say I’ll take stretchy jeans over ones that are 10 sizes too big and hang around the bottom of your arse! EW! No one like diaper bum.

    • Dutch | Nov 29, 2016 at 11:28 PM

      My bum bum looks amazing! That’s why that dude wanted to sit so close to me!

  • Dutch | Nov 29, 2016 at 11:25 PM

    Ok so that dude was a total dick. The other people that showed up had total bar etiquette, and drug (dragged?) a seat up behind their group. That dude’s shoulder was my appetizer!

    Ok so here is the deal, the jeans although they do stretch funny, look completely like normal jeans, they are not tight at all, nobody knew until I asked the girls and the girls said they were totally fine so HA!

    No diaper bum here!

    Working on a custom judybox for the xmas party!

    Car has already been in the shop and picked up again

    Pitcher day was fun!

    Frank needs to hit the 10.00 button! So does Eric but I don’t think he has “time” 🙂

    • S1N | Nov 29, 2016 at 11:48 PM

      If he is at the clubhouse all day on Sunday, Eric has full capacity! #noexcuses #fti #support


  • Frank | Nov 30, 2016 at 5:24 AM

    wow Dutch you got a lot done since Monday, car fixes, explained your stretchy jeans (not really) , and working on judybox. YOU GO DUDE

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