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“I’ve been gone for a while now
But only to gain my power
I’ve been fighting my demons
And I’m back up on my feet (and now)” Smash into Pieces



Well, kind of. I am definitely feeling more and more like me! Not a bad thing. I mean, things will always be going wrong and seem dismal but for now I am fairly relaxed and looking forward. Or, I am bi polar and in a manic phase where everything seems amazing. Who knows? But I feel better, so I will take it. I have a few more things to take hold of then I will be ok.


The big game is this weekend. Now, I am not a huge football fan, but it is always cool when your home team wins and is in a big game like this. It is only better that we are fighting to win against Philly! I should have made a bet with the Dream Team to make things interesting. Oh well, maybe next time!



Either way I am not going anywhere or doing much. We will probably just go to my mom’s and have snacks and stuff. It is always amusing watching them watch games. They REALLY get into things. Otherwise, for me it will be a normal Sunday. Next week is gonna suck but I can handle things I think. I am gonna try anyhow.

Not much else to say this week. I know, I live an exciting life. I really don’t have anything going on that is worthy of a blog post. I mean, I think I need an overhaul of life or something.



Anyhow!!!! Maybe next week will be better!!!!



Kauldron Kitchen  –  I made a badass pork roast!!!! I dry rubbed it and baked it low and slow. Damn was it yummy and tender. I hate the feeling of raw meat!


Coffee Chaos – The white chocolate mocha from Dunkins is not too bad. A bit sweet I think. I am anxiously waiting for the next flavor shift!


Weekly WTF –  I am all for team spirit but one local place isn’t using Philadelphia cream cheese?! Seriously?


Press Play – Smash Into Pieces is amazing! So is Seckond Chaynce! Check out their music!!!


Popcorn Worthy – This weekend I plan on watching that new 911 movie and the Christopher Robin one! I will let you know what I think!!!



Be good…or be good at it!



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S1N, AKA "Boston", leads the Boston Chapter and DJs on Furious Radio. You can find her sitting under the bar, making iced coffees, or writing while wearing her dragon slippers. She’s a Red Sox fan, musically minded, and tries her best to be good… or be good at it.

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