Furious Radio prides itself on being fun, accessible, and legal.  Unfortunately, the cost to do this continues to increase and creates a strain on its prosperity.  Furious Radio has been around over 9 years and would like to continue. We won’t lie, we are nervous.   Please read below and thank you in advance for even visiting this section:

By donating you allow us to pay for:

Our web services such as hosting for our website


Legal versions of DJ software


Our cloud server which allows 99.9% up time.  A server goes down, another comes up.  This also allows DJs to stay live even if the main server is down.


High quality streaming servers.  We need a few of these to ensure that you can listen, anytime you want.  (Notice we got rid of the junky server that cut out all the time and kept switching songs and playing ads?)


Legal fees!  Many radio sites are shutting down because of not paying the proper royalty fees, we make sure that we are 100% legal and to do this, it costs money.

When you donate it will assist us in continuing to:

Stream Furious Radio around the clock


Provide a place for new and experienced DJs alike to host and entertain you


Support Independent Music


Post new blogs each week


Keep up on the latest streaming technologies and features (“You’re the DJ”, requests, stats, etc.)


Any money that is donated goes directly into an account where all expenses are directly withdrawn from.  Surplus is kept as a cushion (yeah that cushion is gone).  Your information is safe and shared with absolutely no one.  DJs, Techs, and all Team Members do NOT receive any compensation and strictly volunteer their time and talents.


It’s your financial support that keeps us going! Please click the “Donate” button below to proceed.

*Adoptions and donations are NOT tax deductible



With an annual subscription you receive:


  • 10% off Furioustival Packages*
  • Access to our “secret” official events during any “Furioustival” *
  • Save $10.00 from the monthly subscription
  • An account with a photo to post and comment on the blog
  • Our undying love and appreciation



With a monthly subscription you receive:


  • An account with a photo to post and comment on the blog
  • Our undying love and appreciation

One Time Donation

Anything Helps!

Even a small one time donation can make a difference.


We know not everyone wants “another subscription”.  Any donation can really assist us!  Any amount you are willing to donate is very helpful and there is no recurrence.

* 10% off Furioustival limit 1 per subscription.  Furious Radio reserves the right to not hold any event, “official” or “secret official” or “Furioustival” itself.  Subscription credit is non-transferable.  You must pay “Furioustival” in advance to redeem discount.  Furious Radio reserves the right to cease at any moment.  In this case all subscriptions will be cancelled, but no refunds will be provided. Terms of service can be changed at anytime. The amount paid will not increase without notice and permission.  Access to “Secret Event” is admission only and does not pay for transportation, food, beverage, or any other cost.


By “commenting” on any blog on you agree to the blog Terms of Service

Can’t afford it?  There are other ways you can help.  Spread the word!