Furioustival 9

Are you as excited as we are?! Drinks, good food, and your favorite Furious DJs and online buddies all in one place, at one time for a weekend of partying and fun! This gives you the information you need to plan and prepare for the 9th Annual Furioustival! We urge you to read all the information fully, so you will know what to expect and plan properly.


The 9th Annual Furious Radio Party!


Come hang out with your favorite DJs and your favorite listeners… meet the people!  Share a beer with the Furious Radio crew. Spend a piece of your summer with the people who make your internet a better place to be.  Find out what the DJs are really like when they’re NOT behind the station.  Everyone attends official events, and there are always “unofficial” events all weekend long!


The annual Furioustival is being held June 9th,10th, and 11th, 2017 and we hope you are excited and saving up for it!


We are very happy to announce that this will cost the same amount as 2016, but with more benefits:


We have also decided to create “The Sunday Option!”.  People have contacted us in the past saying that they could only show up on Sunday.  We have made it so you “Sunday-Goers” can show up on just that day and still have an event!   This also means for you stowaways… you’re gonna have to pay if ya wanna hang… sorry no exceptions.


Payments of $150.00 USD ($50.00 USD if using the Sunday option) made by April 15 will include your admission to “official” events which includes food, drink, and some other fun items.  Payments received after April 15 will be increased to $165.00 USD ($50.00 USD if using the Sunday option).

If a payment is made after May 15 the price will be “God help you” so pay early.


Your payment (if for the entire weekend) includes:


June 9: Out and about.  This will include Food, Drink, Transportation is a possibility if you are one of the early ones (i.e. the first 8 people, FYI the first 4 are already taken).


June 10: This is so cool we are not giving any hints.  This event will include transportation for everyone as well as drinks which are limited due to PA USA laws.

Afterwards, we will be holding a “non-official” event (time to be announced).  This will require your own transportation,  but we have some options so please contact us if you feel it is something you need.  You are also welcome to opt out of this if it doesn’t tickle your fancy.  This “non-official event” is not included in your payment for Furioustival 9.  Please realize that transportation, food, drink, or anything else will require an additional payment to third party services or the venue.


June 11: Event for “Annual Subscribers” will be held in the early AM.  This is for “Annual Subscribers” only.  If you are an “Annual Subscriber”, this is no additional cost.  If you are not an “Annual Subscriber”, this group will return in the early afternoon.  If you are paying for the full weekend, you will  be provided with super delicious food and the remaining drinks we have from the weekend, while supplies last (if paying “The Sunday Option!” you will receive only the food and drink for June 11, 2017 if there is anything left available). This ALSO means if you show up after midnight on Sunday and we are still having fun because it rolled over from Saturday night, it doesn’t count.  Our Sunday starts when we roll out of bed.  If you try that technical shit on us we will keep your money and kick you out anyway.  Huggles!


We continue to try and keep prices as low as possible and this year is no different.


  LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA


DATE: June 9, 10, 11 – 2017


AGE REQUIREMENT: 21 and UP,  Identification will be checked and validated


Admission prices allow you to participate in the official events of June 9th, 10th, 11th of 2017


*Pricing does not include any cost other than admission to official events. You are solely responsible for your own travel, hotel arrangements, and meals outside of “official events”. That means that YOU are responsible for booking your own transportation, your own hotel, and your own rental vehicle.

Any questions, please ask here.

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