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Hello All!


Oh Boy, its Monday and that doesn’t give us a warm fuzzy does it, but as we all know we need  Monday to get back to Friday!


It was a busy weekend for the team, we saw each other at some point on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (YES, DUTCH WAS IN PALZ ON A DAY THAT WAS NOT A SUNDAY)


Let’s chat about Sunday Funday. There was no Clubhouse 1 for most of us Sunday. As we do from time to time we had a change of venue for our Sunday mostly based on the fabulous weather. Yes, our boy Dutch was the man and hosted the team at the Furious Pub Sunday for an impromptu party. Now we did NOT have full attendance Sunday, one member was in NY for the weekend, and another team member worked the day away on Sunday. We did have myself, Dutch, X, another team member and He Who Giveth Free Beer, A.K.A. Rolling Rock, Kobiashi and the bread man.


The day for Dutch and I started out at Clubhouse 2.  Yes, we got to see our gal pal Liza for a short time which although short,  it was super good to see Liza.  After seeing Liza it was back to the Furious Pub to get the party started. Dutch kicked off the party with some barbecue shrimp, sadly for Dutch he got a small burn while cooking the shrimp but he toughed it up and pushed on. I brought these pretzels that I thought were not all that good but I believe others at the party found them good.  As a side note since Eric could not make the party I did not get my Fritos!!! Now typically when we are at someone’s house for a party we have baggo going or horse shoes or pong but Sunday we did none of that. It was more of a chit-chat day so no games were had.  Dutch had to put his boards away with no use on Sunday.


So, the day progressed with a lot of laughs, He Who Giveth Free Beer, A.K.A. Rolling Rock, Kobiashi was in form and busting everyone’s balls but all in good fun. Soon hunger kicked back in and Dutch took to his magic barbecues to Grill up some fine Double Cheese Burgers with Provolone Cheese. The team made quick work of these burgers. Now to say Dutch had a rough day at the grill may be an understatement, besides the finger burn while cooking the shrimp Dutch also spilled a lot of grease on his barby and deck.  The burgers filled up his grease catcher and as he went to move the trap it spilled. Hopefully it all got cleaned up properly so as not to track grease into his house.


So as my burger coma set in, the little voice in my head, or the text from my bride kicked in noting I was being picked up and thus ending a super day. I did have a goof of my own, as I was pulling away I thought I left my wallet at Dutch’s so the bride spun the car around, I hopped out and looked for it but no go.  I told Dutch that if he finds my wallet let me know. I got back in the car, looked in the bag I had, and low and behold, I did have my wallet!!! OOPPPS!!! Well no harm no foul eh? So as noted thanks to Dutch for hosting us at the Furious Pub, we had a super time.


I got no text’s this morn noting any double dips, was Dutch’s party enough for all?


Ok all, have a super week !!!



ATTA BOY –  This week the ATTA BOY goes to Dutch for Hosting a Super Party Sunday at the Furious Pub. We appreciate your Hospitality dude, ATTA BOY.  We also have a second ATTA Boy to a team Member who on Thursday during a downpour ran outside and closed Gina’s car windows. He got totally soaked but saved Gina from wet seats, so to him, ATTA BOY!


COME ON MAN – You know we had such a good time Sunday there is no COME ON MAN I can think of this week.


MUSIC NEWS –   Sunday I had Dutch’s homemade Judy Box going for a wee bit. I believe Dutch had his phone going for tunes outside yesterday.


FOODY NEWS –   He Who Giveth Free Beer, A.K.A. Rolling Rock, Kobiashi had a Cheese Steak with Mac and Cheese on it! We had double Cheeseburgers cooked on the grill Sunday along with stellar shrimp and pasta salad!


PARTY NEWS – It is now confirmed that the Team End Of Summer Party will be held at Furious Pub, no firm date yet. Is Chick Filet in play?


DYK (Did You Know) – Every day is a holiday somewhere in the world





I’m sure there is a ton of stuff I don’t remember from Sunday, but nothing on my phone




Ever wonder where I find all this “STUFF” in this section????

R.I.P. Actor Sam Sheppard

R.I.P. Co-Founder of Costco

R.I.P. Legendry Notre Dame Football coach Ara Parseghian

R.I.P. Former Phillies Catcher Darren Daulton

Usain Bolt lost his frost race over the weekend, sad thing is it was his last race, he retired after the race

Saw X on Friday and on Sunday! Thanks for the Pasta Salad X!

Krispy Kreme Donuts Introducing Reese’s Peanut Butter Donut

Game Stop already announced they will open on Thanksgiving

What is on the Interweb is always true

Floyd Mayweather could make 300 Million on his coming fight, yet people in the US are going Hungry and Homeless, don’t seem right

I heard a commercial for the Kenny G Holiday show already? A little early for that eh?

Dutch noted he is NOT off this Monday, crazy eh?

HBO hacked, the got some scripts from Game of Thrones and Ballers

What Up Ray?

Pete Rose had a relationship with a Minor, good call by Phillies canceling his induction into their Wall of Fame

Dow jumping up to 22k last week, wish I had Apple stock

SUPER GUPPY- Where art thou?

I saw LIZA Sunday, always a pleasure!!!

Starbucks has a new drink Pepper Nitro that contains beef jerky?  Only available in Seattle


Don’t touch the Clubhouse 1 Birdhouse!

August is National Peach Month

The BLUE CAMEL is back

Trump thinks the White House is a dump, oh boy


Back to school commercials, you know Halloween commercials are soon

CBS 3 at 5 AM, can’t take all the bad news

Can you say you hit the DONATE BUTTON on Furious Radio site? DO IT!!!  ITS AS EASY AS THAT, HIT THE DONATE BUTTON!


As a good friend says- JIMMY!


So, remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!


AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

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