Frustrations and Fears

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“We as Americans, us as a citizen

Gotta protect ourselves, look at how shit has been

We better check ourselves

Livin’ up in these streets

Through worse and through better health

Survivin’ by any means

We as Americans, us as a citizen

We are Samaritans, what do we get us in?

We better check ourselves

Look at how shit has been

Take a look where you live

This is America, and we are Americans” -Eminem


I never write political shit. Mainly because the climate we are in right now is vile and volatile in so many ways. However, I am pissed off and disgusted right now. I may get some hate towards this post, but this is MY opinion and MY life. If you don’t agree with me, fuck off.


As many people know, I have some medical issues that keep me on medication. It improves my quality of life until they can figure out how to fix me. I am also struggling with mental illness. However, when I arrived at my appointment on Wednesday, I was informed my health insurance was cancelled. What began then was countless calls and faxes to straighten things out. I am out of meds and now I cannot even see my shrink because they claim they do not have the needed information. I can see one fax failing, but 3 now? BULLSHIT! I have the transmission reports. So, because I cannot afford my meds and have no insurance I am screwed. My youngest, who has severe anxiety and depression, is also screwed because I cannot fill her meds or get her to the doctor to see what else I can do. I am beyond livid.


As I started writing my blog this morning before I got distracted with another day of hang ups and blow offs by the insurance company, I had decided to keep it light. But now, after I just got off air and almost forgot to post it, I changed my mind.


Here is why….


Right now, Senate is doing a midnight vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Their repeal, is dangerous and the Congressional Budget Office shows that this repeal will drive up insurance rates up 20% despite what these assholes tried to sell us. Anyone who supports a repeal without a reasonable alternative that can legitimately kill people is disgusting and the fact that it is being done when most people sleep is shady and ineffective at getting us to trust them. They claim to want to make us great while continually fucking up and misrepresenting what this Nation used to be. While the ACA was not perfect and does need modifying to allow people to have healthcare, the answer is not screwing rates more and kicking people off their insurance.


This is such a helpless feeling. I am blessed that my senators usually vote in the best interest of their constituents. While my insurance issues have nothing to do with Trump or the current administration, rather a screwed system that does not care, it is a scary preview to what may happen if we do not find a single payer version or universal healthcare option. By Sunday, if I cannot afford the price of my meds without insurance or my insurance is not fixed, I will be in withdrawals from the lack of meds in my system and bed-ridden as my body locks up and my bones and joints fail me. I will be unable to sit up for longer than 10 minutes at a time, unable to clean or help my kids, I will be unable to shower or brush my hair, my body WILL begin to seize up. I cannot imagine what cancer patients feel or those with other terminal illnesses who have no insurance do when you are less than human in the eyes of the government.


I get it, social programs have people who abuse them. That is true for everything, there are always flaws and loopholes. However, I deserve the right to be a parent, be functional….to be human. Everyone does. But thank you, Trump Supporters (friends and family who support this fucked up bullshit included) for telling me I deserve to suffer just because I cannot work a full-time job and cannot afford healthcare premiums as they are. All I want is my life back. I just hope that what the predictions are for this bogus version of health insurance are….is a lot less scary and people start being more humane again.


Have a good week.


S1N, AKA "Boston", leads the Boston Chapter and DJs on Furious Radio. You can find her sitting under the bar, making iced coffees, or writing while wearing her dragon slippers. She’s a Red Sox fan, musically minded, and tries her best to be good… or be good at it.

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