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Hello All


Pretty Painful Monday coming off one heck of a weekend but as we all know we need  Monday to get back to Friday!


Saw Dutch, Eric, another team member and X Monday , one of those not planned gatherings


So typically Sunday is the day I report on but not this week, no the big day of the week this week was Saturday and the DREAM TEAM XMAS PARTY 2017!! Let’s start by thanking Dutch for hosting the big party again this year, once again they did a super job. The Furious Pub was all decked out in its XMAS finery and the 101 XMAS tunes (THANKS TO S1N) , were playing all day long on the judybox. Now what would make a XMAS party awesome? Snow of course! Well as if ordered up special for the party we had about 4-5 inches on Saturday all falling during the big party, quite a sight. The day for Dutch and I kicked off around 10:30am, upon arrival I found Dutch cracking open crab legs for his Crab Mac and Cheese. Now the kitchen is foreign to me but even I got in on the act awesomely stirring up the said Mac and Cheese and strategically placing it in bowls. Somewhere between 12 noon and 1 the gang arrived. Now we did NOT have full attendance which is normal for this time of year but we did have Dutch, Myself, Eric,  another team Member, X,  RO RO KO, X Squared, Mr. C and a few other of our Clubhouse 1 pals. Let me tell you it was quite a rowdy crowd! To kick off the day was the big gift exchange, some mighty fine gifts were handed out. Dutch gave our team member a super awesome Eagles shirt with really cool Gallic writing on it. Our team member is a fine Irish lad so this shirt was right up his alley!    Eric received a fine Columbia jacket which he was sporting on Sunday.  I had Dutch so I hooked him up with some BLUE CAMELS! A gift cert to Clubhouse 1 and a Gift Cert to a nice Deli so he can pick up what he wants to continue to be the grill master! Eric had a team member who could not attend but his gift to the team member will keep his spirits warm all New Year’s Day long! Lastly X present the team with its first official XMAS Tree ornament. It was a snowman with the names all of all the Dream Team Members on it, I was lucky enough to be asked to place on the Furious Pub tree where it now proudly sits and each year we have our XMAS party we will look at it and remember where that awesome snowman came from, you’re the best X, thank you!


Once the gift giving was over it was time to get down to the beverages and food, X and X SQUARED were the lovely bartenders at Furious Pub Saturday creating some good drinks not to mention providing some very good entertainment. The fine young ladies also wore matching XMAS outfits to make the party even merrier! Now along with the Chocolate Martini’s we had some MEGA AWESOME FOOD! As noted prior Dutch made Crab Mac and Cheeses, Jalapeno Mac and Cheese, and some special Mash Potatoes at request of our Gal X.  Mr. C brought 50 wings in one big boy Air Fryer, Eric supplied some finely cooked sausage and pepper and all put on the Breadman’s supplied rolls. (BREADMAN unfortunately was unable to attend). X and X Squared made a massive bowl of simply awesome Pasta Salad, I took some that home in a doggy bag. X made this Spinach dip XMAS tree that everyone simply loved. Now again due to my lack of cooking skills I brought, Chips, Pretzels and Fritos, along with a 30 pack if Miller Lite.  RO RO KO brought the Industrial size pack of plates, bowls, forks and knives. Now with all this food you have to have desert right?? Well to top it all off X and X SQUARED also brought snowman cupcakes!!  Now one Snowman cupcake had a small accident but I think it still made it, see site for photo of man down snowman!


Well the day went on, we had some Gals making snow Angels outside, we had folks singing Xmas tunes, we had some money being placed in some crazy spots, we were having  a ball. So what I think was around 5 or 6 my bride arrived to take in a Chocolate Martini and enjoy some yummy Mac and Cheese. Soon some folks had to roll out to go to another party, I myself packed it up I think around 6:30 to head on home. I hear the party was wrapped up and Dutch said TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT probably round 8?


So as if you can’t tell it was one heck of a XMAS party, oh wait,  I do have to report 1 Injury, Dutch cut his finger but I’m happy to report all is well with Dutch.  So again, it was a party to remember, thanks for hosting Dutch, thanks to the team for just being awesome and thanks to all who took part.


So one would think that coming off the BIG XMAS PARTY that Sunday Funday would be canceled, NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!  Dutch, Eric, Myself, another team member, RO RO KO and the Breadman all “Fought Thru It “ to keep the Sunday Funday going. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy, a lot of us were feeling the after party affects but we put a full day Sunday being the Eagles didn’t come on till 4. Nothing major to report from Sunday, as you can imagine a lot of reminiscing and laughing over was Saturday was going on . I hung in there Sunday till about 3:15 then it was time for pick up and off to take in the Eagles game to end one whale of a weekend!.


So with that I will sign off, here’s hoping you all have a great week


ATTA BOY –  ATTA BOY this week goes to Dutch  for being a Super Host for the 2017 Dream Team XMAS PARTY, as always Dutch appreciate you supplying the venue , GREAT JOB and ATTA BOY!!!. Also  ATTA GIRLS to X and her Pal  X SQUARED for supplying some Super Awesome Pasta Salad, Spinach Dip XMAS tree, matching XMAS outfits  and super cool Snowman Cup Cakes. Oh and for being super bartenders as well! ATTA GIRL!!  Special shout out to X for having a ball coming off a long work night and having 2 hours of sleep, you’re a trooper!!!


COME ON MAN-  The COME ON MAN goes to Dutch for questioning my spelling abilities for the word knowledgeable, and for dragging poor X into your little spelling bee, COME ON MAN!!!!!!!


MUSIC NEWS –  Saturday we had a 101 XMAS songs on tap, thanks goes to SIN for that!! Sunday was the sound of football


FOODY NEWS –   Bride and I ordered up the very first 28 inch pizza at Clubhouse 1 last Wednesday, see site for photo, SEE ABOVE FOR ALL THE PARTY FOOD WE HAD!


PARTY NEWS –All I can say is WOW!! Super XMAS party team! I think the next gig may be Eric’s on Feb 22?  Do we need to squeeze something in prior to that?


DYK (Did You Know) – cats have a peripheral vision of 285 degrees




I dunno but apparently I can’t even type correctly today





Worlds Biggest Starbucks is in China, 33000 sq feet

Britany Spears turned 36 last week

Sponge Bob Square Pants opened on Broadway last Thursday

Personal shoppers charge 75 bucks and hour, PAY DAY!!!

I saw X Monday, think were on again, Saw X Saturday,  got my Sunday facetime session with X Sunday as well,  wow are we a THING X?

What is on the Interweb is always true

Hey Loppy, what up!

What up BUTCH!

Miss u  LIZA!!

See site for a few XMAS PARTY 2017 pics


Dutch, we working from home office again today?

Pizza Hut to deliver Beer and wine, do we still have Pizza Hut round here?

OMG see the photo of a Cat eating tacos and pizza in space shirt on the site Dutch found, too funny


People who work from home work 39% longer than office workers

Poor California, another big fire out there affecting people


New Jersey Lawmakers have a bill out for vote to ban using a drone while intoxicated

Russia Banned from 2018 Olympics for doping, haven’t they been doing that since the Olympics started?

The USA apparently has a Microwave weapon

Dean Martin , “LET IS SNOW ” at 4:50am.  Need I say more?

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As a good friend says- JIMMY!


So remember, no matter how tough it gets – FIGHT THRU IT!


AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

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