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Hello All…


Monday, and I know it makes us all sad but as you know we need Monday to get back to Friday!


Well a bit of an odd week last week, I was away on business Tuesday and Wednesday so I was sort of cut out of news and any goings on last week at the Clubhouse.


The Big news of the week was the Saturday Nuptials one of our team members had. Yes, he took the plunge and said I DO to his lovely bride! The wedding itself was very, very nice but as we all know the real deal is the reception. Well let me tell you, what a reception. The place itself was simply incredible, it had a huge dome over the dance floor and at night lights danced all around it, Impressive.


The food they had was just as incredible, they had 7 food stations for the cocktail hour as well as servers walking around with food items that were not already in the 7 stations. There were simply to many foods to name them all but a few were, pizza, pasta, fruit, shrimp, Crab claws, mini lobster, of course some fine Kielbasa as well. Now keep in mind this is just for the cocktail hour! Of course, your choice of beverages was just as big from the selection of beers to the top shelf alcohol if you wanted it. They had plenty of bar tenders so there was no waiting. The Dinner selection was Chicken, Steak or Salmon and the beauty was you could pick how you wanted it cooked. I myself went with the chicken over rice, it was awesome. Desert had donuts, waffles, fruit, ice cream and yes, a Cotton Candy Machine.


The band was good, they kept the crowd up and moving and were bi-lingual. Speaking of bands or String Bands a troop of mummers in full gear arrived and played a few great mummer tunes, now that is something you don’t see too often, what a surprise. Knowing that the beers would be flowing the bride and I along with another team member and his gal took a limo to the reception, no drinking and driving you know! Well we packed up for the night and left the reception around midnight with full bellies and a full buzz.


Sunday Funday as you can imagine was very low key for the team as we all were recovering from the night before. We did NOT have full attendance as our team member was off on his Honeymoon. Our Boy Dutch was rather late to Sunday, he apparently had a ton of work he had to get done. So we had myself, Dutch (late), Eric and another team member along with He Who Giveth Free Veer, AKA Rolling Rock, Kobiashi , yes he bought us a round. Keeping us all in the mood yesterday and hydrated was Cassie, I give her credit, she had to take care of us all day and she herself was at the nuptials with us and feeling a little rough Sunday morn. Well as noted very low key Sunday so not a lot to report, being Father’s Day I myself had to pack it up a bit early and roll out to a picnic to end my Sunday.


CLUBHOUSE NEWS— CASEY may be back, word is she worked last Saturday, YES!!!!


Hey, as a note, if you haven’t already had a look at the site, Dutch put up some super photos of the BIG F9 party. Looks from the pics F9 party weekend was awesome.


No texts this morn so guessing nobody doubled dipped? This is becoming a trend.



ATTA BOY – This week I have to give the ATTA BOY and ATTA GIRL to our team member and bride who had their nuptials. He and his new bride provided us with a super time and we were glad to be there on his big day. So to our team member and his bride ATTA BOY and ATTA GIRL


COME ON MAN – It was such a great weekend that I do NOT have a COME ON MAN this week so I’m simply going to give it to the weekend for ending. So to the weekend for ending COME ON MAN!!


MUSIC NEWS – The Clubhouse Computer was sending out the tunes on Sunday


FOODY NEWS – Well our team members nuptials had all the food you could imagine. They had shrimp, pizza, mini crab claws, bacon wrapped filet mignon, pasta and so many other items I can’t even recall. Desert was everything from donuts to waffles to ice cream and even a Cotton Candy machine!


PARTY NEWS – Our Team members wedding Saturday was awesome, had a great time!.


DYK (Did You Know) – Iceland consumes more Coca Cola than any other country


All good again this week, from what I recall


R.I.P. to the Director of Rocky
R.I.P. to 7 sailors who died during a Collison with another ship
Did you see the video of the woman saved from the Ship Container the serial killer had her in, SCARY!
UBER CEO asked to step back, that sucks eh?
I had Face Time with X Sunday, I don’t think she loves me anymore
I think Dutch said he is now off till XMAS
Verizon finally takes over YAHOO, now called Oath. YAHOO CEO got pretty sweet Golden Parachute payout
What is on the Interweb is always true
Katy Perry doesn’t want to be Katy Perry anymore, HUH?
What Up Ray?
New Disney Cars movie won the week with 53 Million.
Bat Signal lit up on LA building, pretty cool. No team, not that Bat signal so do not head to Clubhouse
Dam, poor London, what a huge apartment fire, they just can’t win
Eric, don’t forget to comment on the site, SIN WILL CONTINUE TO COMMENT ON YOU TILL YOU DO.
SUPER GUPPY- Will we see ya now that summer is here?
Good news Oprah said she will NOT be running for President
FOX News Dropping the slogan, FAIR AND BALANCED NEWS, does this mean their reporting isn’t fair and balanced?
Fed Raises Interest rates, is our economy that solid right now, hmmmm
Whew, glad the Heat Wave is over
Takata Airbag company filing for Bankruptcy
Man I would not want to be a juror in the Cosby Trial, they may never go home
Thoughts and prayers to members of Gov’t shot during softball practice
YOKO ONO getting song writing credit on the IMAGINE song, long overdue or dud?
News on at 5 AM, always sad


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As a good friend says- JIMMY!


So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!


AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

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