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Hello All




So its Monday, rather painful for me coming off vacation but we need  Monday to get back to Friday!


To start a shout out to Dutch who filled in for me last week and wrote a killer blog!  Well done dude and much appreciated, I’m sure readers loved it as much as I did.


As noted I was away last week on vacation so no last week news to provide so let’s jump right to Sunday


So, on Sunday we did have full attendance of the team at Clubhouse 1, we had Eric, Dutch, myself and two other members along with He Who Giveth Free Beer, A.K.A. Rolling Rock, Kobiashi. The gal keeping us all Happy was Cassie, who kicked butt for us once again. The day started off at Clubhouse 1 as normal, not a lot going on at CB1, just some chit-chat between team members.  I guess the highlight or should I say low light at CB1 for the day was a dumb comment I made. I can’t repeat it in this family blog but let’s just say I took a beating from the team on it, well deserved but a beating none-the-less. The day progressed my gal pal X faced timed noting she was heading to Clubhouse 2 for the afternoon. After a quick team huddle it was decided most of us would head up to CB2. We finished our beverage and off to CB2 we went. As noted the Lovely X was there to greet us. Word on the street was that Liza may be stopping out at CB2 but she did not appear during my time at CB2 sorry to say. Now as you may recall CB2 houses that Basketball Hoops game that I am reigning champ on as I beat X last time we played it. I have held off playing X the last few times but I guess in my end of vacation stupor I was in Sunday along with heavy peer pressure, I decided to give X a shot to take back her belt. Bad move by me, X as normal was a shooting machine, she made almost all her shots I knew I was doomed. Now being a true CHAMP, I walked up to the Hoops game and gave it my best shot but came up short, the belt was handed back to X. So X, congrats, wear your title belt with pride, I’ll be gunning for you again. I also got your text showing a belt you brat.


Well after my crushing defeat I hung around CB2 for a bit longer wallowing in my loss until the little voice in my head noted I had to go to work Monday so time to go home. So, with that the bride picked me up and home I went capping off an awesome weekend and vacation as a whole.


I got no texts this morn from anyone, so did anybody Double Dip?


Ok all, back to work I guess, have a super week!!!


ATTA BOY –  This week I have to give the ATTA BOY or ATTA GIRL to X for beating me in the Basketball Shooting game and taking back the Championship belt so ATTA GIRL to X!


COME ON MAN – COME ON MAN this week goes to the people who robbed two Rescuers while they were saving a Hiker, COME ON MAN!


MUSIC NEWS –   Sunday was just computer tunes, so-so.


FOODY NEWS –   Dutch had Wild Ginger Chinese food Sunday, He Who Giveth Free Beer, A.K.A. Rolling Rock, Kobiashi had wings


PARTY NEWS – It was noted that the Team Labor Day Party will be held at Furious Pub


DYK (Did You Know) – in 1878 the first telephone book made contained only 50 names




X, heeeeey???




Casey working Monday, go see her!

R.I.P. the 16 Marines killed in the plane crash

R.I.P. the 4 Bucks County Boys killed by a mad man

Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ Surpasses ‘Gangnam Style’ as Most-Watched YouTube Video

I saw X live and in person on Sunday SO NOW I’M NOT SURE IF WE BROKE UP OR NOT?

What is on the Interwebs is always true!

Last Thursday was National French Fries day

Did Dutch really work all week last week? What about this week Dutch?

Anyone watch Wimbledon?

What Up Ray?

Come on X, only 20 minutes, BOO!!!

Kid Rock running for Senate? COOL!

SUPER GUPPY- No show this week eh?

It was FREE SLURPEE DAY last Tuesday 7/11!  Man, I remember the baseball player cups, I miss that



Warren Buffet gave 3.2 Billion, yes with a B, to charity

The BLUE CAMEL is back


Having flash backs this morning to last Monday when I was looking out over the Bay with coffee. I’m sad.

The Mayweather/McGregor fight is a mere 89.99 on Pay Per view, you buying it?

“Always something there to remind me” is on the radio at 5 AM. It’s not too bad

Can you say you hit the DONATE BUTTON on Furious Radio site? DO IT!!!  ITS SO SIMPLE, HIT THE DONATE BUTTON!


As a good friend says- JIMMY!


So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!


AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

  • X | Jul 18, 2017 at 11:29 PM

    Everything is better at CB2
    I’m confused as to house clubhouse 2 is CB2- shouldn’t it be CH2?
    I admit Frank I am a brat but I will wear the belt with honor and I am up for a rematch anyday!
    Ps yes 20 minutes. Not 21. 20 or less thanks
    Pps we are NOT broken up Frank

  • Frank | Jul 21, 2017 at 4:04 AM

    HI X

    CB2 is a super secret code, can’t tell ya

    20 MIN, UGH

    OOOOHHH were not? Ok,, good news

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