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Hello All,


UH-OH Monday is here BUT WAIT, It’s a SHORT WEEK assuming that you all have Friday off and some of us have both Friday and next Monday off, YEA US! Its XMAS week and good old Santa is making ready for his epic journey. 


There was NO MEETING this past Monday. As a matter of fact, I lived up to my word in Stuff and did NOT hit the Clubhouse till Friday! Pretty damn proud of myself last week. It certainly won’t be that way this week, it’s party time leading up to XMAS!


Friday it was me most of the day at the Clubhouse, Eric popped in late. Saturday we had many members in for the Flyers game. X and El Dutche were at E’s all alone apparently Saturday night, go figure eh?


Well that brings us to Sunday and the 3RD ANNAUL XMAS PARTY AT THE FURIOUS PUB!  First and foremost, need to Thank Dutch for opening his lovely home to the team for this Big Party. So to Dutch, we really thank you, you are a super host!!


Now a few members did stop at the clubhouse before heading to El Dutche’s but for the most part the Clubhouse was empty yesterday (much to the owners chagrin) . Unfortunately, we did NOT have full attendance yesterday, one member was fulfilling his duty around this time of year but he was with us in spirit.  We did have a new guest. The day kicked off around 10:30am, when I arrived Dutch was furiously working on his cooking creations, I would say he was a bit behind schedule and a wee bit frazzled. MASH POTATOES. Soon the other team members arrived and the party was on. What a party, we had Dutch’s latest Judybox creation cranking out XMAS tunes of all varieties, I listened to some heavy metal XMAS tunes!  I was lucky on this day, Dutch made me Bartender boy so I was slinging beers with a XMAS Penguin hat on (the site will have that photo soon I’m sure).  Now I’m not sure how he did it but Dutch had Santa go by his house on a fire truck yesterday, so we all got a waive Hi from Santa, planned or just a XMAS Miracle, HMMM???


After some beverages of choice for everyone and a really good Holiday toast by Eric it was GIFT TIME!


So without further ado here is what was doled out and received! Dutch got everyone beer huggies with DREAM TEAM 2016 on them, nice. One team member got a Clubhouse gift cert, Omaha Steak gift cert and some yummy Doritos. Dutch got a cool card game and Deadpool shirt. Eric got CAM JAM, can’t wait to play that at parties!  Now as for me what a day, we had an arrival of HE WHO GIVETH FREE BEER, AKA ROLLING ROCK , KOBIASHI, now he didn’t give out free beer but he gave me a really, really, really (YOU KNOW ITS COOL WITH ALL THE REALLY’S) Eagles emblem cut out of steel! Wow was that awesome, we will get a photo on site of it for ya. So that was gift one, next the door opens and in comes LIZA!!! Yes, alive and in person my gal Liza and her boyfriend. That in itself is an awesome gift seeing Liza. Well if those 2 gifts were not enough the last gift was the topper. You see Dutch had me for Pollyanna and he had told me all week he had the best gift ever for me, well he was correct, I got a SANATA TUBE GUY!!!! Yes it was the famous tube guy in Santa form, what a gift it is, SUPER AWESOME!  Wasn’t expecting that baby. It’s already up and doing its tube thing in my front yard as of last night! But as those REMCO commercials say, “WAIT THERE IS MORE” . Later in the day our Gal X arrived to top off a sweet party. Yes X got off work and made her way on over, always good to see X in person. Now maybe the last gift that arrived was a buzzed El Dutche, it’s not often you see Dutch with a cool buzz but yesterday he dove in the pool. I do believe a few times Dutch said “I’M DRUNK, WEE!” Good to see Dutch cut loose. The party rolled along with Eagles on the TV, tunes, beverages flowing and food being consumed, we continued to party until about 5:30 when most folks had packed up and headed home and I was about to do the same, but wait, Dutch and X had one more trick up their sleeve. They tossed me into Dutch’s now fixed car and off we went to a house around the corner that had XMAS lights blinking to music on the radio! It was really cool and one hell of a way to end the night, thanks X great call on seeing that!


So there you have it, XMAS PARTY 2016 at the FURIOUS PUB, a great day with great friends! Well done team, you all made it an awesome time. 


ATTA BOY  This week’s Atta Boy is a no brainer, it goes to Dutch for allowing the team to have the Big XMAS party at their lovely home. ATTA BOY to Dutch, as we always do we had a super time. Eric also gets an honorable mention for running home Saturday during the Flyers game to  get his Mom her electric back on so she and the nieces could finish up the tree decoration.


COME ON MAN   ITS XMAS and nobody deserves a COME ON MAN at XMAS time


MUSIC NEWS– Dutch’s Homemade  Judybox is simply awesome, you can find any tune you want.  The XMAS party was rocking yesterday with  XMAS tunes. Well done EL Dutche , that really made the party


FOODY NEWS– Well where to start this week, we had TONS of food. Dutch made 2 varieties of MAC-N-CHEESE , they both were super good. Eric made his world famous Chili that got rave reviews. We had shrimp that were the size of Lobsters that were awesome. We had Clubhouse wings which I found to be good, we had a bread bowl,  and Finally we had chips, dips, FRITOS and X brought some super desert. One thing the team does is eat well at the parties!


PARTY NEWS– Resting up from XMAS party, I believe the next party may be Eric’s annual party


DYK (Did You Know) –It was 72 degree’s on XMAS eve last year in good old Philadelphia


Eagles play Thursday night if anyone gives a dam!


There were texts this morning but all thanking Dutch so anyone double dip or was it home last night? 


Lastly and Seriously, I wish all who partake of this Blog a Very HAPPY, HEALTHY AND DAM FUN CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your family and friends all



All good again this week, though I’m sure I left out a lot of party stuff



  • PITCHER DAY Monday!!!
  • Does anyone have the “OVE GLOVE” for holding hot dishes and skillets?
  • Start buying your XMAS decorations for next year now, everything is half off!
  • Hey Loppy
  • My Bride made more XMAS cookies, I ate them again!
  • Nobody likes a Skinny Santa
  • What is on the Interweb is always true
  • Had my face time with X Sunday, as well as the live X, nice
  • Is YUKON KORNEILUS cool or what?
  • UH-OH better get MACO
  • What Up Ray?
  • That Dominick the Donkey song cracks me up
  • Since you can go to Cuba now anyone planning a trip? If so bring me back some Cuban cigars please
  • I found out what a Hatchimal is, I’m not impressed
  • X and Dutch high fived me again, when will I learn
  • Eric, don’t forget to comment on the site, SIN IS WAITING!
  • 6 shopping days till XMAS, now does this make you nervous?
  • No SUPER GUPPY this week, what up GUP?
  • I find drinking and thinking tough
  • I’m moving to WHOVILLE
  • Blue Camel
  • Is it time to go home yet?
  • X Dutch put a lot of LOVE into those Mash Potatoes
  • I saw Liza, but still Miss you Liza!
  • The White T is ready for another delivery
  • Heeeeeeeeey BOSTON
  • Dutch’s Car is fixed, FINALLY!
  • I didn’t expect the Eagles to win, and they didn’t
  • CHANNEL 3 NEWS ON AT 5AM, do they have any good news to report?
  • Hit the DONATE BUTTON on Furious Radio site all to keep Furious Radio playing your tunes.  I will do it first of the year

So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!


AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

  • Dutch | Dec 21, 2016 at 4:10 PM

    There is so much going on here I am not even sure where to start….

    Furious people have seen me that way plenty of times because they hang out in June… maybe YOU should this year Frank

    It was definitely a great day!

    Candy canes!!!

    The 23rd should be fun

    Yay Car!

    Merry Xmas To All!

  • S1N | Dec 21, 2016 at 11:47 PM

    The pictures are awesome! Despite the fact that I have still not received a Facetime with ANYONE yet, it looks like you all had an amazing time. I love the pics and Bumble. Bean wants to visit Frank’s house!

    The pic of the chick wrapped in hair freaks me out.

    Eric won’t comment. I know how much he misses me. It must be killin him.

    It is suppose to snow a little on Xmas Eve this year! I am finally in the spirit!

    Happy Holidays guys! Love you all!

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