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Hello All!


Well a rainy, crappy Monday is back! Oh wait, we have next Monday off, so maybe today is not all that bad?


So, as you know we need Monday to get back to Friday!


Well quick look at last week…


I managed to stay out of the Clubhouses last week till Wednesday, I was hoping to stay out till Friday but that didn’t quite work out for me.


Friday of last week we almost had full attendance at the Clubhouse, we were only short El Dutch’e on Friday night so that was fun for a bit . Also, Friday night I hit Clubhouse 2 to find the new CHEF, Dutch Cooking his little heart out for all. Of course, the main reason for me stepping into Clubhouse 2 is to see the lovely Liza. Let me say I was not disappointed, Love you Liza!


Saturday I ran into only 1 team member and that was really short time.


Well as the header notes nobody was around this Sunday, it was me and one other team member only for most of the day and he had to leave early. He who giveth free beer, AKA Rolling Rock, Kobiashi did shuffle in late. Our Boy Dutch was away this weekend off on an adventure checking out various eateries I believe. Eric was working all weekend and other members had some personal items to attend to. So, Sunday was really quiet, I can honestly tell you there is very little to note. The lovely Cassie was doing the Hydration on Sunday and as always did a super job. The end of Month Car show invaded the parking lot yesterday. It’s always a pain when they roll in they cone off the parking lot causing the regulars to have top park a mile away from the door. Otherwise beside some idol chit-chat and a little verbal scuffle between servers in the Clubhouse the day was rather quiet. We hung around till about 2 pm then it was time to pack it up and head on home to end the weekend.


I got no Text Sunday night so guessing nobody double dipped? Then again nobody was around to Double Dip I guess?


Have a SPECTACULAR WEEK ALL and a Happy Memorial Day!! Enjoy your Monday off!


ATTA BOY – The ATTA BOY this week goes to the city of Philly for naming a street after the Flyers Owner Ed Snider who passed away, ATTA BOY CITY!


COME ON MAN – The COME-ON MAN goes to the entire White House and Government for embarrassing us all last week with all the goofy crap, COME ON MAN!


MUSIC NEWS – The Clubhouse Computer was sending out the tunes on Sunday, it was just background sound yesterday.


FOODY NEWS – I had Hot Dogs Saturday night at Clubhouse 2 cooked by the one and only Dutch! Had some awesome Pizza Sunday night. One team member had a super Cheese Grill Sunday, he gave it 2 thumbs up!


PARTY NEWS – The Furious Radio Party in 3 weeks. Memorial Day team party is at Eric’s house this weekend!!!! It should be a ball!


DYK (Did You Know) – The First Burger King was opened in Florida Miami in 1954.



Hard to forget stuff when it was only me and another member all weekend

R.I.P. Chris Cornell
Back to normal Monday’s, Dutch is off today!
Starbucks now selling coffee flavored ice cubes for 80 cents extra
Kevin Hart having a baby girl with his new wife, aww or naww
Did not have FaceTime with X Sunday, as a matter of fact did not see nor hear from her, wow what up with that X?
What is on the Interweb is always true
Last Tuesday was National Piercing Day, ouch?
Some parents using UBER to get their kids to school alone, is that smart or not safe?
What Up Ray?
Good news! My Pal and I hit the Trifecta on the Preakness horse race Saturday, hit for 1000.00, a cool 500 in the pocket, or should I say my wife’s pocket!
How about the WANNACRY Malware attack, come on Dutch can’t you fix this?
Eric, don’t forget to comment on the site, SIN CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REPLY!
Dutch is now cooking at CB2
Did you see that the Supermarket Zollie’s in NJ this Saturday will give Veterans and their families a free buffet lunch in their store along with gift cards and flowers, very cool!
Hey Loppy
America voted 5 GUYS as best burger in US, do you agree?
Katy Perry in Philly September 14
Will Trump be impeached? Man is he edging ever closer to it
I saw Liza Saturday night, AWESOME!
School will be letting out for the summer soon, no more buses on the road!
Now Trump giving Russia High level ISIS info, smart guy eh?
Hackers have stolen a new Disney Movie from Disney, asking for a ton of Bit Coin as ransom.
Bee Gee’s on the Radio at 5am, not sure how I feel about that
Can you say you hit the DONATE BUTTON on Furious Radio site? DO IT!!! ITS EASY! , HIT THE DONATE BUTTON!


As a good friend says- JIMMY!


So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!

AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

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