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AGE REQUIREMENT: 21 and older, your ID will be checked and validated


Once you pay, information about the hotel location and event locations will be emailed to you.

(your email address and any other information is shared with absolutely no one)

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FuriousRadio.com and it’s representatives/affiliates cannot and will not be held responsible for any and/or all actions taken by you or anyone else that may harm and/or change yourself or any other person, relative, pet, animal, property, object, relationship and/or friendship status, physical and/or mental health, death, sexual orientation, financial standing, cause of embarrassment and/or humiliation, we are not responsible for bail money and/or legal fees. You are solely responsible for what you do, what is done to you, or anything that happens as a result. We at FuriousRadio.com are merely providing a venue to meet and have some fun. Under no circumstances shall FuriousRadio.com or its affiliates be responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from any Furious Radio event (Official or Non-Official Events) or action. FuriousRadio.com reserves the right to publish any and all photos and videos that are taken on location at official events of “Furioustival 9” 2017.

Your payment is non-refundable unless OFFICIAL EVENTS of “Furioustival 9” 2017 are cancelled. In this case your money will be refunded via PayPal and “Furioustival 9” 2017 will be held in a public setting with a cash menu. Venues, activities, menus, options, and anything else Furious Radio wants to change are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.  If at any time you are unable to attend “Furioustival 9” 2017 and/or any of its events for any reason, your payment will NOT be refunded. Thank you for your interest. By submitting your payment, you are agreeing to and accepting the above terms and statements.


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*Pricing does not include any cost other than admission to official events. You are solely responsible for your own travel and hotel arrangements. That means that YOU are responsible for booking your own transportation, your own hotel, meals between “official events”, and your own rental vehicle.

** If you are paying for someone other than yourself, please put their first and last name in the notes of payment for guest list purposes.

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