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Hello All


Well A BIG ugh!!!!! How can this be? XMAS is over, all gone, bye-bye till next year? NO!!!!!! So as we all know we need Monday (or Tuesday I guess this week) to get back to Friday!


Well what a XMAS it was, the team saw each other quite often during the XMAS Holiday.  The festivities began on Saturday when several team members gathered at Clubhouse 1 to spread some XMAS  cheer. On a sad note our Man Dutch was pretty sick Saturday, he had a fever and other flu like symptoms. Smartly he decided to tuck his head under his pillow and sleep it off.


Sunday or XMAS Eve we had me, Dutch, (Yes Dutch left his sick bed to see everyone), Eric, another team member, RO RO KO  and the Breadman!  Now it was not a long day for I had family coming in the afternoon and others had some XMAS duties to do as well.  Now the big news was the Clubhouse 1 owner doling out some free beers and one hell of an awesome Breakfast Pizza. I bet your asking “why Breakfast Pizza”, well some of us arrived at Clubhouse 1 at 9am Sunday!!! Hey, we were in the XMAS Spirit what can we say, how cool is it the owner will let us in at 9am!!  So we all sat around toasted to XMAS and had a few quick laughs till we ended the party to head off to other parties ending a cool Sunday Funday XMAS Eve.


Now one would think Monday XMAS day the team would be taking in the day quietly, NOT SO FAST!  I understand Dutch and X hit Clubhouse 2 XMAS night and continued the XMAS spirit along with Liza into the night. Well done X and Dutch!!!


Well it’s still the Holidays right? So Tuesday my bride and I met up with Dutch and X at Clubhouse 2 to see Liza once again! We had some Holiday cheer there then we shuffled off to Clubhouse 1, there we found a team member and his gal , RO RO KO and the Breadman still doing some XMAS cheering!  The bride and I hung around there till about 5pm then it was time for us to pack it on up and shuffle on home to wrap the official XMAS vacation time frame. Today is Wednesday and most of us have a work day till the New Year break hits and we will hit it hard again.


Well there you have it folks, quite a XMAS party the team had for a few days as well as being with family, as one team member would say,, VERRRRY NIIIIIICE!


Ok all, have a super week and I am wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!    2018 almost here.


ATTA BOY –  ATTA BOY this week goes to Former Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels for donating his 9 million dollar home to charity! ATTA BOY COLE!


COME ON MAN-  The COME ON MAN goes to the weather for XMAS. There was talk of a snowstorm around here maybe XMAS eve giving us a white XMAS now that looks to be gone and temps will be warm. So to the weather for not giving us a white XMAS, COME ON MAN!!!!!!!  DOUBLE COME ON MAN ALERT, Local radio stations cut off the XMAS tunes on Tuesday Dec 26, can you give at last another day of tunes or at least thru New Years? So to those Radio Stations who shut off XMAS tunes 12/26, COME ON MAN!!!!!


MUSIC NEWS –   Played a ton of XMAS tunes


FOODY NEWS –   Dutch had Wing Dings last Monday, think he gave it a thumbs up. X had the Taco’s she said they were good! Liza had the wedge salad and pizza, looked really good. We had the 28 inch pizza Friday night, AWESOME!!  X made some super pigs in a blanket on Saturday. RO RO KO had some fine Chili Cheese Hot Dogs Sunday


PARTY NEWS – Eric’s house in February


DYK (Did You Know) – China manufacturers 70% of the worlds toys




All good this week




R.I.P. to all those who tragically died in the Washington State Train derailment

R.I.P. to Sportscaster Dick Enberg at 82,

I saw X Monday,  got my Sunday facetime session with X Sunday as well.  X’s birthday on Wednesday LAST week I believe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY X!!

What is on the Interweb is always true

The Movie “Titanic” turned 20 years old last Tuesday , hard to believe it’s been 20 years since it came out

Hey Loppy, what up!

So Apple does slow your phone as battery ages, hmmm, now there is some good marketing

North Korea responsible for Cyber-attack, go figure?

I saw LIZA last Monday and this Tuesday!!

Did you see where the Gov’t is acknowledging they had a secret program to research Alien sightings, are we alone Dutch?


Soooo have you seen Star Wars?


Disney added Trump to its Hall of Presidents display, I must say the Trump robot looks a little off?

First day of Winter was last Thursday (Winter Solstice), also the shortest day of the year

Man that live “Christmas Story” on Fox Sunday 12/17 Stunk! I love that show I watch the 24 hrs of it XMAS day but this live show Bombed, BOOOOOOOOOOO!

Dutch was off Monday, ho-hum


The News at 4:55am.  ugh!

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As a good friend says – JIMMY!

So remember, no matter how tough it gets – FIGHT THRU IT!

AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

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