Road trips, Birthdays, and Bipolar Weather

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“And you, were mind boggling. You were intense. You were uncomfortable in your own skin. You were thirsty but mostly you were beautiful” -Alanis Morrissette


This weekend I embarked on a virtual road trip to Reading, PA again and visited with my bestie, Dutch!!! It really does suck being so far away from him sometimes but things like this make a huge difference thanks to Facetime and if you all checked out Snapchat, you could kinda see what he was up to and what Furioustival 10 is going to look like. A whole new venue and place to explore for us. Plus I want one of those awesome sweatshirts Dutch got because they are pretty awesome. BUT ANYHOW….


So, we sat and talked, laughed for a few hours, and it certainly bridged the gap from then til F9 which is coming in 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS and I will be away for 4 days spending time with the people I adore. I am not sure I can contain myself…a year has been way too long. But the Facetime trips have been a great thing to do and breaks up the monotony here.


This week was kind of a big deal in this house. My first-born had her birthday and I could not be prouder of her. Normally I try not to focus a part of the blog about my girls, but her birthday is special in many ways. As is Bean’s, for different reasons. See for some reason, my body fought the birth and I got really sick. My first memory of her birth is saying goodbye and apparently I flat lined not long after. It is pretty cool to think that we are both still here, but with a fever that reached 107 at one point and being so sick for weeks after, our bond is amazingly close and I would/could not ask for a better child. She struggles, yet prevails. She fights, and always wins somehow. She smiles, and everyone smiles. She is just a kick-ass kid and I love that she has become my best friend. So happy birthday to my Lala!!!! Thank you for choosing me to be your mom!


Apparently Mother Nature has a sense of humor. Last week it was 93* and this week it is 55* and raining. She is more bipolar than I am and more confused than Eric gets when I hit on him. C’mon…at least be 70* and sunny! I can handle that!


There is so much preparation to do still for my trip to Philly but I am beginning to put travel stuff in bags and pack things I do not need. Next week I work with my Uncle for spending money and finish up planning for the weekend. Bean needs a schedule and countdown calendar to get by, but things are moving along and my class is finally almost done. The next class sucks but I will power through and I cannot wait to be done school. I am just beyond the halfway mark and once I finish this next course, I want to double up to try and finish the degree by next Ftival. I believe I can do it!!!


Go this way ———————–>>>>>

Popcorn Worthy: I am not watching anything major, but Orange Is The New Black returns in 2 weeks! June 9th it arrives!!! I am so excited! Wentworth is pissing me off….it needs a new twist to keep me intrigued. If you like documentary series, check out The Keepers though! That was pretty awesome! I am about to check out the series Occult Crimes on Netflix as well.


DTF: DITCH THE FRANK! Just sayin’!


Press Play: For some reason I woke up with We Own It on my mind. I guess I am in road trip mindset already!


Kitchen Kauldron: I am almost done with soft foods so stay tuned for better recipes. Thank gods.


Conversations with Eric: Ooh boy you are soooo funny. 2 weeks baby! You cannot hiiiiiiiiiide! You do realize if you comment, I won’t pick on you as much, right?




F9 Countdown: 2 weeks!

Okay guys, see ya next week!


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