Short one…like me!

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“Here I float through the air like a waterfall

Then I sink to the bottom like a cannonball

Having trouble breathing, suddenly I’m screaming

Why wasn’t I good enough

Even though I know you’re not gonna come back

I can’t wash it away”  – Pop Evil



It’s been a long week. A cold, long week. Having a sick bean on my hands has kinda sucked. Just hoping it hasn’t gotten into her ears. We shall see.


Tuesday night, Grifter joined Loppy and I in chat which is a rare occurrence but it was fun to hang with him like the old days. My new car radio is in and I am a happy girl. I just need an aux cord and a good music app. I am set otherwise!


There is very little to report this week, as you can see. Maybe next week.



Weekly WTF – Please just impeach the asshole. Please?


Coffee Chaos –  DD is officially out of Coconut Cream Pie but I make my own and it is 10x better. So sick of pumpkin spice BS


Popcorn Worthy –  Kyra Sedgwick is brilliant in Ten Days In The Valley! Check it out! Also check out The Sinner (Thanks X!)


Press Play –  So in love with Kaleo. His song Way Down Below and the voice…the beat….yummy



Ok guys, be good…or be good at it!


S1N, AKA "Boston", leads the Boston Chapter and DJs on Furious Radio. You can find her sitting under the bar, making iced coffees, or writing while wearing her dragon slippers. She’s a Red Sox fan, musically minded, and tries her best to be good… or be good at it.

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