Shrimp Penises and Flowers Chasing Me

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“I’m devoted to destruction. A full dosage of detrimental dysfunction” -Lil Wayne


The week has been strange to say the least, but quite amusing as I reflect on things. A series of strange mishaps that I catch myself laughing at. What sucks is that people weren’t here to experience it all with me but I am fine on my own. I was outside walking around, more like limping with my pimp walk seeing I didn’t wear my brace, but all of a sudden this thing was chasing me. I limped a bit faster thinking it was a weird animal and then it stopped so I turned around to investigate. Turns out it was this dried flower tumbleweed that Bean only knew what the fuck it was and laughed at me for being scared of it (pic on site).


So the Cubs won the world series. I suppose if anyone deserved it outside of the Sox who should have fuckin’ won, they do. They waited 108 years and finally succeeded. Keep on swimmin’!!


On to shrimp dicks and creamed sauce…..

If you have been checking out the pics on the blog, you will see a pic of hibachi that I took and then this shrimp. I get why they cut it but the whole table, which included us and two other couples, was lined with shrimps that were quite proudly phallic. All the adults just looked at each other and I had to put up a pic because it was just too funny. They were delish, BTW, and amusing to say the least.


The weekend was quite boring with not much going on. Laundry and the usual nonsense with family. I still cannot believe Xmas is so close and I am so not ready for the season. But it is here, well according to Frank and the stores. I could never leave decorations out all year. Bean would want presents all the time! Ahhh to be a child again. I swear, sometimes I watch her and just awe at the way she still has such innocence about her. Race doesn’t matter, politics doesn’t really exist to her, size and shape of people are just seen and disregarded…Why can’t we all be more like that? Tensions are so high right now with the election upon us and I chose to follow her lead and just smell the flowers. I admit, it is releasing to just be more child-like. That does not mean I am no longer a deviant. Oh well I believe I was called a heathen and an evil bitch, but that is not surprising. I always have been. The name Sin suits me quite well and I am proud of it. However, certain things you have to just let go and chill. Maybe you, yes you, the one reading this, can be more innocent too.

Now! Onto the randomness of my mind…


Weekly WTF: AT&T stopped charging for overage on data in August from what the news report says but are still charging me!? Oh hell no! I will be dealing with this and making some noise!


Press Play: The Weeknd is an amazing artist. I am in love with his track Real Life, Wicked Games, and the newest one Starboy. This week I am also listening to Stealing Eden, Breaking Benjamin, and Lil Wayne’s song Sucker for Pain from the Suicide Squad soundtrack (quoted at the top of my post).


School Daze: Periodically I will make a section like this when something awesome or dumb happens. I am starting week 3 of this research class and completely confused by the way they do the schedule for the holidays. I dunno about anyone else but I will be working through it just to get things done. I still dunno how I pulled off an A in part 1 of this class but I did!


Kitchen Kauldron: No brown sugar? No problem! Trust me when I say when you make brown sugar yourself it tastes so much better than store bought. I do not use a recipe per say, but however much brown sugar I need, I use that measurement of white sugar then mix the desired amount of molasses into it. I prefer it darker, but that depends on the recipe you are using and the desired taste! Try it!


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Shout Outz:

DUTCH! Thanks for working with me lately. Between this blog and the other things, we have busted our asses lately. We will make it! Keep havin faith!

FRANK! Lookin’ good, I still cannot believe you have Santa hanging around…

LOPPY! I had to, you are in every show and chill with me. IS it JUNE YET!?



Until next week….be good or be good at it!


S1N, AKA "Boston", leads the Boston Chapter and DJs on Furious Radio. You can find her sitting under the bar, making iced coffees, or writing while wearing her dragon slippers. She’s a Red Sox fan, musically minded, and tries her best to be good… or be good at it.

  • Dutch | Nov 7, 2016 at 2:12 PM

    Isn’t the plural “Peni”? AT&T will still charge you for overages, they just won’t penalize you. So if you go to the next level of data, you aren’t as hurt in the wallet, but still paying more. It is extremely misleading. Only 7 more weeks of your class and it’s over yaaaay! I made kale ravioli over the weekend.. sounds gross…. but super tasty!!

    • S1N | Nov 7, 2016 at 6:22 PM

      Peni sounds great!

      I am on week 3 and killin it! Perfect scores so far!

      So proud of myself!

      MISS YOU!

  • Frank | Nov 7, 2016 at 2:14 PM

    HEY SIN, SO that is the story behind the odd shrimp photo. I didn’t know the story and I laughed my ass off at that photo! Thanks for the back story on that.

    OH NO- KILLER TUMBLE WEED, that is scary.

    Does Furious Radio play the Chipmunks XMAS album?

    • S1N | Nov 7, 2016 at 6:21 PM

      Dinner was not done so we treated ourselves to hibachi. The way the guy cut it, the shrimp looked like that. Everyone at our side of the grill got these weird shrimp that made us all just stare. Leave it to my 9 year old to loudly tell us all they looked like penises. She is way too much like me but she had no idea what she was saying.

      The tumbleweed was scary. I thought it was a rabid bunny!

      I dunno if we do but now I have to add at least one song for you!

  • Frank | Nov 8, 2016 at 5:28 AM


  • Loppy | Nov 8, 2016 at 11:27 PM

    Oh that pic is a tumble weed. My guess was a ball mushrooms maybe???

    • Dutch | Nov 9, 2016 at 9:01 AM

      Dude I thought it was just a TON of moths all eating some underwear or somethin.

    • S1N | Nov 15, 2016 at 7:04 PM

      Yeah it is off the bush of a neighbors…dried flowers. So weird lookin. Bean knew. I had no idea even when it stopped lol

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