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Hello All,


Monday eh? Well exciting this week, we head toward the Superbowl! But as always, we need Monday to get back to Friday!!


Superbowl hype in full swing here in Philly! Dutch saw a local Boston Market with the Boston covered up with a sign saying Philly Market! See photos on site for a picture of the sign.


Saw Eric, another team member and Breadman last Monday


Well Sunday Funday, we were oh so close to full attendance but once again this Sunday were missing Eric. We did have Dutch, Myself, another team member, Mummer Man, Breadman and guest visitor Big Paul! The lovely Cassie was doing her thing Sunday glowing a wee bit over what could be a new love in her life, good luck Cassie! Good news this week was Dutch was not creeped on during his time at Clubhouse 1 however his Sunday Funday was interrupted a few times by phone calls from work! Yes, some high-level stuff was going on Dutch had to tend to a few times Sunday. Sticking to some tales about Dutch he also has his RING DOORBELL installed and functioning along with a wireless chime. Dutch’s house is now so secure Fort Knox would be jealous.


As noted our pal the Mummer was in and was joined by 2 other Philadelphia Mummers, one being head of theme committee so we got some pretty cool behind the scenes news most people never know about. One cool fact that this New Year’s Day Parade was the coldest in the 118-year history of the Mummers Parade and the committee men told us how the voting went to keep the parade on New Year’s Day or delay it. Lucky for us they voted to give it a go, although he voted no!


Well the day progressed, not too much Eagle talk really, we chatted about various other things like what we all did over the weekend. At one-point Dutch said to me, it may be a short day today. Well I think it was around 2pm we began asking for our tabs and I was picked up by my bride to head on home.


Well I’d like to say Good Luck Boston, but not too much luck, I got the Eagles in a win!


So, have a great week all!


ATTA BOY –  ATTA BOY this week goes to BIG PAUL for hooking the team up with a round this weekend,  ATTA BOY BIG PAUL!


COME ON MAN-  The COME ON MAN goes to Michigan State for allowing the horrible abuse to go on and seemingly covering up! It’s all about the money in college,  COME ON MAN!!!


MUSIC NEWS – Had the judybox humming Friday night, We went radio Sunday


FOODY NEWS –  Dutch and Breadman had Pizza on Wednesday, Dutch got takeout pizza as well. Dutch had 2 dollar burgers at CB2 Saturday, Breadman had his egg sandwich Sunday


PARTY NEWS – Getting closer to Eric’s Feb 18 party, discussing who brings what


DYK (Did You Know) –  If you were to stretch a Slinky out until it’s flat, it would measure 87 feet long.



Dutch, I had to forget something right?




R.I.P. Naomi Parker Fraley the actual Rosie the Riveter

Neil Diamond retiring from singing after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, very das

I saw X Friday Night and got my Sunday facetime session with X Sunday.

Do NOT take the tied pod challenge, you will hurl.

Dutch is working this Monday to be able to be off next Monday

What is on the Interweb is always true

Congrats to former Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Jim Thome for getting into baseball Hall of Fame!

Hey Loppy

CBS bring back the GREATEST AMERICAN HERO TV show! Love that theme song

The City of Philadelphia announced they will NOT deck out William Penn in Eagles gear to avoid jinxing them.

Miller Lite is number 1 selling American beer, took out Bud


The DOOMSDAY clock made another tick to 2 seconds

WWE Vince McMahon will again start up a football league!

Reese’s offering Pink Heart shaped butter cup for Valentine’s day

Billy Joel at Citizens Bank Park on July 27

8.2 Magnitude earthquake in Alaska last Tuesday

Reba Macintyre to be first female Colonel Sanders for KFC


Elton John retiring from touring but will have a farewell tour first

E-A-G-L-E-S –!!!

U2, “IN THE NAME OF LOVE at 4:30 AM, so-so!

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So, remember, no matter how tough it gets – FIGHT THRU IT!

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Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

  • S1N | Feb 2, 2018 at 1:29 AM


    I miss you guys! Kinda bummed I can’t be there for the game this weekend. I would wear my Pats gear proudly 😛

    Tell the team I say hi!!! I texted Eric to wish him Merry Xmas but never heard back! He sucks.


  • Frank | Feb 8, 2018 at 9:05 AM

    Hey Sin,

    Sorry this comment from you just popped up

    Miss ya all too!

    I’ll let Eric know your pissed!!!

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