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Hello All


Yes, I know, its Monday, but this Monday will lead to a Holiday weekend and next Monday off so I guess there is a silver lining today,  as always we need Monday to get back to Friday!


Saw Eric, Dutch and another team member last Tuesday


Well how about that eclipse last Monday, I must say the eclipse was pretty cool. We here had slight cloud cover but were still able to check it out .


So Sunday Funday this week we DID have full attendance! We had Dutch, Myself, Eric , two other team members. Special Guest appearances by He Who Giveth Free Beer, AKA Rolling Rock, Kobiashi as well as the Bread man!. We had Cassie doing her thing keeping us all Happy Campers. The day was pretty much quiet, a lot of chit chat and ball busting, much the norm for a Sunday. I suppose the story of the day was all about food. Now Dutch had been turned onto this Mexican Restaurant in our area that on Saturday and Sunday set up a tent and sells 2.50 Tacos out of the tent. Dutch noted the Taco shells are made right there, they have pork on a spindle that is topped by a pineapple to flavor the pork. Now Dutch being the foodie he is had tried these Tacos and said they were awesome. All this talk about these Tacos got us thinking and from there the idea that Dutch should go up to the Mexican place and bring the team back these wonderful Tacos was born.  Now Dutch reached out to our Liza to assure the tent was open for Business and we were treated to a hand puppet show by our Liza, as well as the info that the tent was open! So the team ponied up their cash and off went Dutch and He Who Giveth Free Beer, AKA Rolling Rock, Kobiashi to get us these fine Tacos.  Now these two were gone for a while, we think they stopped in to say Hi to Liza! Once back Dutch did not disappoint, these were simply the best Tacos I have ever had and for only 2.50 each! They were packed with the pork and they also gave you a ton of sides to put on your Taco. I gotta tell you there was silence in the Clubhouse while everyone was eating these Tacos.  After everyone was done the only words going around were how good these Tacos were and how you could eat another 10 of them.  Good Job El Dutche you nailed it.


As far as the rest of the day went being the end of the month it was cone and car show time. Now the Clubhouse workers did not put cones out early so many folks parked in the lot as normal. The Car show folks came in asking everyone to move but believe it or not the Clubhouse workers told them customers did not have to move. So the day proceeded and about 3pm everyone decided it was time to pack it up and head on home. Funny part was there may have been 2 cars in the lot for the car show so moving our cars actually was not needed anyway! So off we went, bellies filled with Tacos to end another Sunday.


No texts this morn, anyone double dip anymore?


Well all, lets blast through this week and get onto the holiday weekend and next Monday off!!


Have a super week!


ATTA BOY –  Well I suppose I have to give the ATTA BOY to Dutch and He Who Giveth Free Beer, AKA Rolling Rock, Kobiashi for making the Taco run! The lads made a quick trip to pick them up and bring them to the Clubhouse for us so to both of them ATTA BOY!



COME ON MAN-  X wanted me to give myself the COME ON MAN for not making it out to the fight Saturday Night, should I do it? NAH!! Come On Man goes to X for suggesting I should get it!



MUSIC NEWS –   Sunday we had the Clubhouse radio going, wasn’t too bad, a few tunes were pretty good


FOODY NEWS –    We had the greatest Tacos ever on Sunday! I had Bertucci food Sunday night



PARTY NEWS –It is now confirmed that the Team End Of Summer Party will be held at Furious Pub. Eric mentioned his Octoberfest will be coming up soon


DYK (Did You Know) – all the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes




Full Boat?




Dutch, why Furious Radio, were you really pissed when you came up with the name? Maybe a little background on the name would be helpful

I just found out that my Nephew who is in the Marines is roommate with  Vice President Pence’s son. Look out I may now have connections to the White House!

R.I.P. Sailors Killed on US Warship

School is back in session this week, look out for buses and kids, be safe!

Had face time from X Sunday

Damn 1 winning ticket sold for the 758 Million lottery, is that person set for life or in for trouble?

What is on the Interweb is always true

What days you off this week Dutch?

What Up Ray?

Did you see the Mayweather/McGregor fight?

It was college move in day last week, I remember doing that with my daughter.

A Priest had to quit the Priesthood because he was in the KKK, talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth?

What is with these Train accidents in Upper Darby?

Hey Loppy, where u at?

Taylor Swift won her lawsuit and one dollar!

New Kit Kat Flavor in Japan , COUGH DROP! EWWWW

SUPER GUPPY- back to the Mill


Taylor Swift is putting out a new Album, you excited?

Hmm, I have 98.1 “THE OLDIES STATION” on, but these are songs I heard in High School? DAMN I am old

Wow, there is a lot of protesting going on these days

Bruno Mars was named after the famous wrestler Bruno Samartino


Is it time to go home yet?



The CARS Shake it Up on the radio at 5am, it’s a toe tapper

Can you say you hit the  DONATE BUTTON on Furious Radio site? DO IT!!!  ITS AS EASY AS THAT , HIT THE DONATE BUTTON!

As a good friend says- JIMMY!


So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!

AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

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    Frank- You get the come on man for ditching me. Don’t worry, my feelings are no longer hurt when you ditch me because I’m so used to it

    • Frank | Sep 7, 2017 at 11:13 AM


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