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Hello All,


The Monday Monster has arrived, I know its scary, but we need Monday to get back to Friday!


Oh By the way- HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you all got your costumes ready. Please do not dress up like Clinton or Trump if you can help it.


Before we relive Sunday let’s take the time machine back to this past Wednesday where Eric, Dutch , Christine and I had an impromptu meeting! Out of nowhere on Wednesday I got a call from Dutch, and it was a call not a text. I was like UH-OH why is Dutch calling me?? He never calls, he always sends a text? Well it was all good, he had a grand idea. Off to the Clubhouse we went, it was fun at the Clubhouse but then again those meetings that are not planned sometimes are. Our Boy Dutch hit the Crane Game and again came thru with a Ghost Poo Emoji, that will go nicely with his previously gotten Frankenstein Poo Emoji.


Well onto Sunday and we had almost full attendance at the Clubhouse, we were short one guy who was fulfilling his Sunday obligation he has this time of year. The lady taking care of us on Sunday was Cassie, she had a new piece of jewelry from the state of PA she was sporting as well. Cassie did a great job as always but she did have slow down for a bit. You see the jewelry she got from the state of PA has a battery which she neglected to charge earlier so Cassie literally had to park herself next to an outlet, plug in and recharge her battery. This recharging took about 15 minutes in which Kierstin filled in nicely. Now due to this need for a recharge Cassie now has the nick name, Cassie the Prius! Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Clubhouse was rather crowded yesterday with folks who are not members of the team which is odd. They seemed nice enough and we actually had a few laughs with them and one guy even got a dance with a nice gal. Did that end up going any further wing man?


I suppose the news or story or theme of the day was DOLLAR HOT DOG SUNDAY. Now Sunday brought back Dollar Hot Dog Day! Yes, its been a while but we all did partake of the dollar hot dogs and for all of us but one member they were awesome . Now this hot dog day did have a causality, yes our Boy Dutch got bit by the cooking monsters that reside in the spooky kitchen. Dutch agonized over the menu for a bit till he realized it was dollar dog day. His first dog came out perfect, and he was all set to dig into his second hot dog when as it came thru the spooky kitchen door and arrived in front of Dutch it was Halloween scare! Yes, the roll Dutch got looked as if some mice had some fun with it prior to Dutch getting it. Well as Dutch looked on in horror he quickly alerted Cassie and the hot dog disappeared into the darkness never to come back, or be put on his bill.  Needless to say no other food was ordered up by Dutch for fear of reprisal from the spooky kitchen dudes. The unfortunate part of the issue was that the issue had legs and ran all day. The culmination of the scary hot dog roll issue was when Rolling Rock (who is a person) ordered a hot dog, told Cassie to make the roll look like the one Dutch got.  Now Dutch knew Rolling Rock was up to something but it wasn’t until Rolling Rock’s hot dog came out looking as chewed and beat up as his did that Dutch realized RR was playing a joke. Oh by the Rolling Rock ate his scary roll.   So a tough Foody day for El Dutche, wonder if he hit another clubhouse for a 2 dollar burger?


ATTA BOY – Well a little weak on an ATTA BOY this week but we will give it to Rolling Rock for his good deed in popping some of his own personal cash into the judybox to save us from the pain of what the regular radio was literally spitting out. So for using your own cash and saving the Music day Rolling Rock ATTA BOY!


COME ON MAN –  Well no way around it folks, I have to give myself the COME ON MAN this week, sad but true. Now Dutch and I go back and forth all the time with jokes, especially regarding the cars and car alarms. Now knowing my propensity (WOW BIG WORD EH?) to put his car alarm on Dutch always takes his keys when the blue camel calls or phone rings. Well Dutch dropped the ball this time and left his car keys out, our pal Eric grabbed them and said, Frank, put his alarm on while he is outside by his car. HMM, I thought, do I?, Don’t I? I really shouldn’t, nah don’t do it, well of course I did it. Wasn’t cool on my part, I thought I hit the alarm then hit off, WRONG!!! As I strolled back to my seat grin on my face X says “the alarm is still on” I quickly looked back in horror to see it was!! I quickly turned it off but the joke ran way too long plus Dutch was trying to conversate with someone. So for that I hereby give myself the COME ON MAN, so Frank, COME ON MAN!!!


MUSIC NEWS – On Wednesday we got our allotted judybox Money and X reached out to her Gal Pal and got some really good tunes going. Sunday funday had Rolling Rock using his own cash to get us some tunes. Once the dollars were inserted into the judybox  tunes began flowing and as always were well done.


FOODY NEWS – Wednesday Night El Dutche went with the good old standby cheese grill and to top it off he shared with X, aww, you the man Dutch. The cheese grill however was not up to the usual standards to Dutch gave it a thumbs down. My Bride and I also did some eating, I went chicken cheese steak hoagie, Bride  went chicken wrap, those items got the thumbs up from the bride and I . Now Sunday brought back dollar hot dog day!  (SEE ABOVE TALE) The other foody news of the day was Rolling Rock downing some wings that he deemed very good!


PARTY NEWS – Well the Clubhouse had a Halloween Party Friday Night, none of the patrons dressed up but the people working there did. The girls looked really good, great make up. I guess a tip of the hat goes to Mr. T for face painting the girls, he did a real cool job.  Ed played some guitar with his band, sounded good and all had a very good time, well done! The next party news feature I guess will be an announcement on the 3rd annual XMAS Party, will it be at Furious Pub?  Stay tuned!


DYK- (did you know) – Daylight savings time ends Saturday night, turn your clocks back Midnight Saturday night one hour.   (FALL BACK)


 So my phone was empty this morning, this is getting to be a trend. It used to be upon getting up Monday morning I would have several texts of team exploits done once I left but alas, those texts don’t come anymore. (Can you hear Puff the magic Dragon song playing) . So I will ask, anyone Double Dip, or hang in there to see BECK-BECK (CALL ME)?


Ok then lads, as noted its painful today being Monday but try to have a good week!



Thank you Dutch?

Cassie did not commissary?



  • Gina and Tara working tonight, anyone going to see them?
  • Rolling Rock was in Sunday because he fired himself at work. Tough boss eh?
  • How about the thunder, lighting and rain last night
  • Did I really hear Dutch and Eric singing Karen Carpenter yesterday?
  • What is on the Interweb is always true
  • Had a great time with the tickle pickle Wednesday, you’re a great gal
  • Another new Chef at E’s eh?
  • X, Dutch what up with the high five over my head? Great minds think alike I see
  • What Up Ray?
  • Did anyone do mischief last night?
  • Need to get Super Guppy tuned into the new site
  • No Blue Camel, now its Vaggierets for Dutch, ewwwwwww!
  • Eric, nice Truck dude!
  • Damn I ran out of toilet paper before I got to Dutch’s house last night
  • The WALMART near my work has its Christmas Garden Center open, I kid you not
  • Miss you Liza!
  • The White T is ready for another delivery
  • Cassie really does hear everything doesn’t she
  • It was Clam Jam Wednesday
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • Is it grilled cheese or cheese grill, sort like tomato or tamato?
  • Hey BOSTON, hope your well, looks like we have a new blog site for us both!! Let’s hope it flies!
  • I saw a web site where you can by molds to make hot dogs look like people, no really I did!
  • Halloween tonight, I’m heading to Dutch’s in costume, have Dots and JU-JU Bees Dutch!
  • I hate when the leaves blow into my garage, shut the garage door KIDS!
  • For the love of god stop the political commercials I’m going crazy
  • Rolling Rock’s wizard wand works in reverse apparently
  • Cassie is back, man did she have some horror stories
  • X, don’t forget to get the BLUE GUY updated
  • Once Halloween is over do you keep your pumpkin or toss it?
  • Invite to Furious Pub, Nope not yet
  • Anyone want me on Furious radio soon?
  • Eagles lost in OT, Oh the humanity, stop fumbling!
  • Do people really pick wine based on Fall foliage?
  • Phil Collins on the radio at 5am, so-so
  • I apparently can’t pronounce Hannibal Lector correctly


As good friend says- JIMMY!

So remember, no matter how tough it gets- FIGHT THRU IT!

AUTHOR - Frank

Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

  • Dutch | Nov 1, 2016 at 12:34 AM

    Prius Rulez!
    Those people couldn’t give me my personal space but that one chick smelled nice!
    I know I talked about the hot dog too much but REALLY! C’MON MAN shoulda gone to the asshole that put that hot dog outta the kitchen!
    I love that “T” is now “Mr. T”
    I’m ok with Xmas at FP if everyone else is
    Thanks for the DYK cause I didn’t know (seriously)
    WTF is up with Puff? I dun get it
    I was doing the smoked turkey when it all of a sudden down poured. It completely sucked to save the grill, but it was delicious that I saved the turkey!
    Yes we sang Karen Carpenter
    Yes we high fived over your head #Legos
    Def nice truck Eric, Congrats!!!
    WTF is Clam Jam?
    Tiny Bubbles
    I call it Grilled Cheese, you call it whatever your heart desires
    Happy Hot Dog Man
    You have been to Furious Pub like a million times 😛
    Everyone wants to hear you on Furious Radio. Stop going to bed at 5pm, but a good start would be to listen to it 😛
    Frank you didn’t mention what time the game was on next week.. I rely on this.

  • S1N | Nov 1, 2016 at 1:24 AM

    Clam Jam freaks me out. Is it like grape jelly with clams in it? I hope not.
    I love the new blog and what is happening with it. I love reading what you did and your randomness. It makes me feel less away and closer to you guys. I am dying to come back.

    Hot dogs should NEVER look like people and the pic of Dutch’s dog makes me want to gag. If I had a gag reflex.


    I dressed up as me! 😛

  • Frank | Nov 1, 2016 at 10:04 AM

    HEY ALL.

    Well done Dutch on the replies,

    EAGLES on at 1 this week

    Hi Sin, liked your Post,, well done!

    GO XMAS! My lights go up in 2 weeks

    Well lets hope this takes off and we both get some fun comments

  • Dutch | Nov 2, 2016 at 11:32 PM

    Crap this means it’s a SHORT week!

  • S1N | Nov 3, 2016 at 10:35 AM


    Yeah the posts on both ends are lookin’ good! I am really excited about this and hopefully people will start interacting once the word gets out more.

    Dutch- Short weeks are bad?

    My tree and lights go up December 1st. That is when the damn elf on a shelf appears. His name is Aiden and he is an asshole. Last year her pooped in a mug (it is a toilet mug, we put Mountain Dew in it and tootsie roll turds.) He also wrote with eyeliner on the mirror. It is a fun thing but a lot of work lol.

    • Dutch | Nov 3, 2016 at 11:53 AM

      Short week means we don’t stay at the clubhouse long because the game starts at 1pm

  • X | Nov 3, 2016 at 7:13 PM

    High fives over Frank!
    Hi Frank!
    Hi Sin!
    Elf on a shelf freaks me out so none of that crap. Pretty sure i will come home from work this weekend to find that XA has put up the Christmas tree.
    YAY for watching football (grrr) at our #2 clubhouse Sunday!

  • S1N | Nov 3, 2016 at 10:20 PM

    X- I will make sure I take lots of snapchats for ya of the elf 😛

    Dutch- Ahh gotcha on that one. I hate when my time is short at the clubhouse!

  • Frank | Nov 4, 2016 at 4:37 AM

    Hi X , welcome in, hope you enjoy

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