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Hello All,



Monday is here, did you know that? Bet you did, not fun but we need Monday to get back to Friday!!



SUPER BOWL CELEBRATION last Monday at Clubhouse 1, we had Dutch, Me, Eric, another team member, Breadman and X.



Ok sorry NON-EAGLES FANS but still talking CHAMPS with an EPIC EAGLES PARADE last Thursday. It was so much bigger than the Phil’s in 2008! Jason Kelce killed it. By the way his Mummer suit was donated by one of team members Mummer Band, Avalon! What day!!! One this blogger won’t forget. Good Job on the parade Philly!



So, onto Sunday, we did kinda, sort of have full attendance? Just not all at the same place at one time. The day started at Clubhouse 1 where we had Dutch, Me, Eric, another team member and the Breadman. Cassie was doing her thing as the gal of the day for us. Well this was the first Sunday in a while where Eagles Football wasn’t on TV or really discussed but coming off a hell of a week it may have been a rest day. Well we did find out why Eric has been MIA for a bit, turns out he took a spill after the Super Bowl, hit his head and gave himself a concussion! It’s OK, SIN, he is doing better and soon will be a 100%. The talk of the day was mostly about Dutch and his career aspirations. One team member is a HR guy at work so he was doling out some really good advice not only to Dutch but for anyone to hear. Good Luck Dutch, hoping it all works out in your favor!



Well as noted above it was a split day yesterday, after a few hours at Clubhouse 1, some lads had other commitments to take care of but I was coerced into going with Dutch to Clubhouse 2. Now in reality, no arm twisting needed for I get to see my 2 favorite gals, X and Liza! So, Clubhouse 2 was a bit more comical than Clubhouse 1 Sunday. To start I had to get into Dutch’s crappy car which needs a bath both inside and out and apparently also needs some fine tuning to the temp gage. Dutch’s temp gage said it was 74 outside yesterday. It was NOT 74, 62 maybe, my cool and perfectly functioning car had 61 as the temp. See the picture on the site for Dutch’s messed up Temp gage showing 74. By the grace of the good lord we made it to CB2 but the fun with Dutch’s car did not stop. As we are getting out I’m walking toward the door and I hear Dutch yelling, here he shut his coat in his car door and was pinned to the car. See this hilarious photo on the site as well. So once Dutch was extracted from his car we could finally settle in. We had Dutch, Me, Mummer Man, X, LIZA, and the Breadman. I guess we were there a full 10 seconds when the damn basketball shooting game was in play. Dutch went first and lost whatever belt he thought he had to X. Well my turn came and as predicated I too lost to X. Then it was Mummer Man and X playing but wait, HUH? WHAT? Mummer Man kicked X’s butt by 30 points to take the belt away from X. Stunning turn of events. Not sure if any games were played after I left but as far as I can tell Mummer Man should be holding the belt this morn. So, the day progressed and soon my bride was swinging by to pick me up to end a double dip of sorts. I left Dutch, X, Mummer Man and Breadman to their fun! Great Sunday.



All have a great week! Valentine’s Day this Wednesday! See all at Eric’s next Sunday 11 AM.



ATTA BOY – ATTA BOY this week goes to the E-A-G-L-E-S and the City Of Philadelphia for putting on one hell of a parade, a memory maker! So, our BIRDS and our City, ATTA BOY!



COME ON MAN- The COME ON MAN goes to Dutch for not cleaning outside and more importantly inside of his car, COME ON MAN!!!



MUSIC NEWS – Had the Judybox humming Friday night and had the Judybox as back ground music Sunday



FOODY NEWS – Dutch had a panini on Monday, not sure if he liked it, X had a nice chicken with salad lunch Monday, I had a really good cheesesteak Friday Night. Breadman and another team member had the egg sandwich Sunday, both gave it the thumbs up. X and Dutch had Monster Hoagies from Lucky 7, they looked so awesome.



PARTY NEWS – Eric’s Party this Sunday Feb 18 party



DYK (Did You Know) – All the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes





Last week was a daze






R.I.P. Actor John Mahoney; he played the cranky dad on “FRAZIER”

I saw X Friday Night and Sunday in person and via Facetime however, she did not pick up Sunday night when I Facedtimed her. Oh well can’t have it all I guess.

Record Producer Quincy Jones says Beatles were horrible musicians and that Michael Jackson stole riffs and some lyrics for various songs… also says Michael Jackson was very greedy

What is on the Interweb is always true

Hey Loppy, what you up to these days?

Doritos was talking about making woman friendly Doritos? HUH?

Eric sported his new Burrito Space Cat with an avocado shirt, see his hilarious picture on the site wearing his new shirt

Paul Simon at age 76 starting his farewell tour in May 2018

Lost in the shuffle: Phillies Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training Feb 14!!

Ozzy Osborne doing his farewell tour called NO MORE TOURS 2

Dunkin Donuts to stop using Styrofoam cups. Going to eco-friendlier cup

Geez, now SPICE GIRLS doing US/UK reunion tour

Did you see Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles in Disney World on a float with Mickey Mouse?


Was Jason Kelce in his Mummer outfit just epic?! GREAT SPEECH!

Think Dutch will post this prior to Friday?


It was National Pizza day last Friday, Breadman loved it!

Study shows French Fries increase hair growth in some men, didn’t work for me

Holy Cow, Dutch is at work today and it’s Monday! APPLAUSE PLEASE

Journey “Anyway You Want It” on at 4:45 AM, pretty peppy!



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As a good friend says – JIMMY!




So, remember, no matter how tough it gets – FIGHT THRU IT!

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Frank is a large Notre Dame fan and shares the experience with only his family. He is a person that is dedicated to only a few things. Family, friends, no Skinny Santas, and loving life. Oh yeah and HOT DOGS RULE!

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